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Rapid and effective communication is key to staying ahead of the competition. Better communications leads to better decisions — and better results. That’s why companies of all sizes turn to us for audio/visual systems that allow them to connect with people, partners and customers quickly and easily.

Our audio/visual communications solutions help businesses make decisions faster, manage dispersed employees, react to market opportunities and solve issues in real time, regardless of where participants are located. In addition, our solutions dramatically reduce travel expenses, increase productivity and maximize employee time.

Fortune 1000

With people and resources in multiple branches around the world, large corporations need to stay in touch at all times. Data Projections allows you to expand your global reach without burdening your employees with excessive business travel. You can discuss, share data, collaborate and make decisions faster via voice, video and text services that are as simple to use as a click of a mouse.

Small Business

By connecting to the right audio/visual communications system, small businesses can gain a significant edge over the competition. Our systems enable small businesses to respond quickly to customer demand, enjoy faster time to market for new products. With our systems, a small business can sell to almost anyone, anywhere, while reducing the costs associated with being on the road.


Data Projections audio/visual communications systems can enhance your firm’s legal prowess with technology tools that usher in new levels of accuracy and flexibility. We provide the ability to conduct a witness testimony from a distant location, digitally capture courtroom proceedings, display visual evidence electronically, and more.

Oil and Gas

With interests and operations around the world, oil and gas companies require next generation communications systems that enable them to be more productive than ever, so they can realize a better bottom line. Our solutions enhance real-time interaction and collaboration while our high-resolution display technology helps geologists and geophysicists better visualize seismic data, complex reservoir models, well logs and geologic cross sections.


From advanced learning situations to patient operations, our solutions offer the medical industry a host of innovative benefits. Strategic applications include: real-time, two-way voice and video communication between medical students and instructors, remote consultation and diagnosis, distributed video content throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities, classes for the community in general health, and more.

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