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When Should An Audio System Be Upgraded?

When does a school or business know it’s time to upgrade an audio system? It’s a natural question that schools and businesses eventually come to ask. Aging is a natural process, and it happens to all things, including audio-video setups, resulting in a variety of issues that must be remedied.

When this happens, facilities are presented with a variety of choices that need to be made by facility administration at the last minute. Situations such as these have a way of happening when they’re least expected and when they’re least convenient. However, this transition doesn’t need to be painful and—particularly with some foresight—a facility can be prepared for an audio system upgrade well in advance, ultimately saving both time and money.

When It’s Time to Upgrade

There are a variety of circumstances that can communicate loud and clear that it’s time to upgrade a facility’s audio system. First, there’s the most obvious and common situation: an old system simply stops working. In these situations, schools and businesses are wise to take this as an opportunity to bring devices up to date and to current standards.

Another common circumstance is when an audio system won’t accept widely used modern peripherals or sync with modern devices. Some crews respond to these circumstances with complex work-arounds that must be adhered to every time the device is needed. Such a situation can be time consuming, prone to failure, and even dangerous, resulting in a setup that can’t be depended upon.

These are many more scenarios that send a strong message that it’s time to upgrade. Fortunately, when a school or business does decide to upgrade its A/V equipment, decision-makers are usually surprised by how easy to use and reasonably priced modern systems can be. A big difference between the analogue systems of yore and today’s digital setups is that devices are increasingly small, increasingly easier to use, and increasingly powerful, yet only at a fraction of what they once cost.

Upgrading with Professionals

Of course, every facility has its own specific needs. While schools and businesses share commonalities in their audio system requirements, factors such as a room’s physical structure or how the system will be used will influence which setup is ideal for an organization’s needs.

Rather than going it alone, it’s wise for organizations to contact professional A/V integrators who can make recommendations based on their experience of installing and maintaining these systems. Specialized knowledge means avoiding commonly encountered problems and getting it right the first time. With the assistance of seasoned professionals, installation goes smooth and common problems are avoided. And integrators not only focus on what needs a facility may have now, but also plan ahead for the future. When it’s time to upgrade, contact Data Projections for a consultation.