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Choosing The Best Audio Solutions For A Company

Sophisticated audio solutions are at the heart of many A/V projects, providing the kind of crisp sound needed to execute meetings, presentations or lessons without a hitch. Sound is among the most essential components of learning and communicating, so it’s no surprise that A/V integrators are experts when it comes to the ears. This expertise is applicable in nearly any environment, including areas as large as corporate campuses, or as small as a single classroom.

The Sound of Success

Developed audio solutions are only possible with the right approach and the right equipment. An experienced A/V integrator can assist with both aspects, assessing the client’s needs and targeting them with the proper technology. In most cases, clients are looking for improved sound quality or zoned sound, or both. No matter the goal, A/V integrators can determine the best audio solutions for any space and piece together a system that consists of modern, highly controllable equipment. And this equipment is provided by some of the best brands in the industry, including:

  1. FrontRow – FrontRow is largely focused on classroom sound systems, where students are often affected by poor sound quality. Research into the classroom environment has found that students may miss up to 40 percent of what a teacher says to the class, depending on the student’s age and seating location. This can result in poor student performance and drive behavior issues. With the FrontRow system, teacher’s voices are amplified throughout the room, so they are heard clearly every time. An accompanying handheld microphone extends this improved sound to students who are speaking. The FrontRow system also allows teachers to record voice and use it to incorporate into lessons that students can listen to from any device.
  2. Biamp – Biamp’s expertise is in conferencing and paging technology, which means Biamp products can be found in many industries. Conferencing equipment is an essential component for many corporate settings, and can be scaled up or down to fit a particular space or purpose. Biamp’s Devio system, for example, is a collaboration tool designed for huddle rooms, with 360-degree sound coverage and smart microphones that pick up everything and cancel echoes. Biamp is also adept at installing paging systems that are known for their reliability and clarity. As such, they are found in both corporate and healthcare settings.
  3. Shure – Shure is known for its microphones, which can be found in several industries. Shure microphones are a popular choice for professionals in the music industry, where accuracy and control are paramount. Shure microphones are also incorporated into conferencing systems, where they can be integrated into tables, desks or ceilings. Shure also offers an impressive variety of wireless microphone options, earphones, headphones, monitoring systems or conferencing components.

The strongest audio solutions are backed by the best equipment the A/V industry has to offer. Working with reputable A/V integrators brings expert guidance together with modern equipment, making it possible to experience enormous improvements in sound quality.