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What Is Teleconferencing

For those who ask what is teleconferencing, the simple answer is it is a useful tool for communication among multiple participants in multiple locations. It often benefits a company that has dispersed employees. It can enhance productivity, be used by employees at all strata of a firm, and reduce time and travel expenses. In the modern age of advanced video and audio communications, the telephone still has a hearty role to play and a place at the table. It is one of the earliest devices that allowed communication over distance, and it is still put to good use today. Teleconferencing can work in conjunction with video communications and other technology. It will likely continue to be a part of the workplace of the future. Companies in the market for state of the art communications can take advantage of the expertise that firms such as Data Projections offer, in implementation and support of the latest remote conferencing solutions.

What Is Teleconferencing and How Is It Related to Travel?

An apparent benefit of teleconferencing is the reduced need for travel. Companies that have offices in different locales can hold meetings for project discussions, brainstorming, the sharing of valuable data, and taking care of other business through the use of teleconferencing. In some cases, it may eliminate the need for travel altogether.

It is Cost Effective

What is teleconferencing if not cost effective? As mentioned above, it eliminates the need for employees to travel to other locations for meetings, representing considerable savings in airfare, hotel accommodations, food, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses. Those costs add up over time. With a reasonable investment in teleconferencing equipment, meetings between teams can be held anytime it is convenient or necessary.

An Excellent Time Saver

Traveling over distance to a meeting requires an investment of time. What is teleconferencing but picking up a phone and dialing a number and having an instant meeting? Information and planning about time-critical projects can be handled on an as-needed basis, without having to wait for a face to face meeting to be held. Follow-up meetings can occur within in any time frame that is necessary.

Teleconferencing also allows teams to meet at the last-minute. This can be essential to timely decision-making. It provides flexibility in scheduling between dispersed employees, regardless of the time. Since no travel is required, team members can attend time-sensitive meetings with ease, making this is a time-efficient way to conduct business.

Enhanced Productivity

A company that uses out of country consultants, regular telecommuters, and long-distance employees can use teleconferencing to increase productivity through team participation and employee management. This is an effective way to communicate goals and objectives in a quick and convenient manner.

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