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Polycom Video Conferencing Equipment Is A Top Choice For Integrators


Polycom video conferencing offers the best quality and best feature set in the industry, and any company that places a priority on communications and collaboration can benefit from it. When A/V integrators talk about the amazing leaps the technology has made in recent years, they are really talking about the impressive product suite that this brand offers. As a leader in communications technology, Polycom has a solution for every company and every professional, from efficient, intuitive mobile systems to room-sized systems that can accommodate dozens of people into a single, immersive conversation.

What are some of the most popular Polycom video conferencing options?

Scalability is the central concept when considering the company’s communications solutions. All of them offer unparalleled visual and audio quality, but each is designed for a particular device or setting. Some of the options available to a business include:

  • Mobile systems, which can be designed for phones, tablets, desktops, and any device that can operate a browser. Mobile systems are ideal for professionals that are constantly on the move and don’t have time to sit down for a meeting. Mobile systems are also a smart secondary option when a quick meeting is needed or when only a few people need to consult with each other.

Like all of the brand’s other solutions, its mobile systems are driven by its robust RealPresence technology, which can facilitate smooth communications in any setting. For example, mobile solutions are designed with SmartPairing software, which facilitates meetings involving mobile devices, PCs and room systems. Mobile solutions also come with backlight compensation for dark rooms and the brand’s Acoustic Fence, which detects ambient sounds and suppresses them, ensuring a productive conversation.

  • Room systems. Polycom video conferencing technology is designed for meetings involving several people and are ideal for companies that want a robust option without the need for room remediation. These systems are designed to deploy in minutes and are built for full collaboration between multiple parties.

Room systems come with features like 1080p60 HD video, which can be paired with displays ranging from 55 inches to 70 inches. VisualBoard technology provides a virtual whiteboard to make it easier for people to present ideas, and with comprehensive interoperability built in, the system can be used with Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business, Broadsoft One, and more.

  • Immersive telepresence systems. The zenith of Polycom video conferencing is its immersive telepresence (IT) solutions, which are the best choice when a company cannot compromise on the quality of its communications. IT solutions can facilitate collaboration between rooms full of people, and are designed to push the technology in the background so that the meeting takes full precedence.

There are too many IT features to list, but some of them include a three screen design that improves connections to multiple immersive rooms, an 18 foot display wall that covers every part of the space, 84 inch Ultra HD displays, and a modular build that allows targeted upgrades as technology is improved. And all of this comes with the brand’s robust interoperability and RealPresence technology.

Polycom video conferencing is the pinnacle of the form, and with solutions designed for every business and every budget, it is a pragmatic way to dramatically upgrade a company’s communications.