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Who Uses Streaming Webcams & What Are The Benefits?

The term streaming webcams combine video and the web for the purpose of broadcasting video, typically in a live stream on the internet. Webcams, for the most part, are small cameras that attach to a part of an individual’s monitor or is free standing on a desk or table. They connect via USB to a device with an internet connection. Some type of software is needed to drive the camera and allow it to record or stream video on the web. Most video streams can be accessed with a modern web browser.

Industries That Use Streaming Video

A wide assortment of businesses take advantage of what streaming webcams have to offer. Corporate uses include video conferencing, information sharing, as well as collaboration among departments, divisions, and employees. The tourist industry uses the technology successfully to entice visitors from around the globe to certain destinations. The hoteliers can offer a glimpse into the various rooms and amenities, as well as take reservations online. Any industry can use streaming technology for security purposes.

Benefits of Using Streaming Video

  • Provide Individual or Group Training – Offer practical training for new hires, managers, and promoted employees.
  • Video Conferencing – Streaming webcams see frequent use in the corporate world for video conferencing. Remote or at home employees can participate in company meetings from their location. Individuals who travel can attend an office meeting from the road or abroad. There are no geographical limits thanks to web video streaming.
  • Security and Surveillance – The benefits of streaming webcams are obvious for security. A business can be monitored 24-hours a day, seven days a week from any location with an internet connection. Exteriors, interiors, and access is recorded, and the video feed streamed to smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Increase Web Presence – There is a direct connection between a company’s digital presence and how long potential customers spend on a website. Video streams increase internet traffic. A content-rich feed captures the attention and interest of site visitors. This has a direct and dramatic impact on sales.
  • Create Awareness of Brand Through Social Media – Using Facebook and other social sites for live streaming increases customer awareness of products, services, and brand. It drives traffic to the company site. Fresh content creates an interest in sharing and engages potential and current customers.
  • Tourism – Streaming is an excellent method for promoting a destination. Potential guests and visitors can link directly to a reservation page right from the feed.
  • Education – Distance learning is enhanced and accessible via web streaming. Students can access lectures and training study groups via the internet.
  • Retail – Analyze customer demographics and determine which demographics engage with particular Point of Sales displays.

Streaming webcams have the unique capability of bringing global communication to a web browser. Video conference streaming keeps employees focused and able to collaborate effectively. Webcams can display brands and logos in real time. They can showcase products, services, and business philosophies to individuals or large audiences. Video streams present content to millions of people around the world. They can reach out and touch someone and most importantly, make a lasting impression.