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How Do You Choose The Right Audio Video Company For Your Business Needs

An audio and video technology company can unlock a client’s potential through a variety of means. Modern A/V technology is extremely versatile and can be used effectively by just about any organization in the world. That’s because A/V solutions focus on communication, which is the backbone of most organizations’ operations. And as long as a business has a focused and experienced A/V integrator working with them, there is a possible solution to nearly any communication issue. That alone is worth the investment into modernizing the organization’s communication systems.

What should an organization look for in any audio and video company they are considering?

The focus is all too often on the technology, or the equipment. That’s understandable because it’s the technology that makes everything happen. But technology is just a tool, and in the wrong hands, it won’t perform like it should. That’s why organizations should assess the experts behind the technology, as they are the ones who will oversee the project and support it after it is set up.

Data Projections prides itself on being much more than just an equipment dealer, and stands out among other integrators in several ways. They include:

  • A client-focused approach founded on strong communication. The first thing Data Projections will do before offering any equipment suggestions is consult with organizational leadership and determine their needs.
  • An A/V solution that fits the client’s needs. During consultation, Data Projections will take note of the organization’s challenges associated with their communications and produce a detailed plan of how to tackle them. While a typical audio and video technology company may look to sell the most expensive equipment they can, Data Projections is interested in setting up a system that works and is cost-effective.
  • Industry training that is second to none. A/V integration is a complex field that requires both technical and creative thinking. The easiest way for a consumer to verify that their A/V integrator has the required skill is to verify their industry certifications. Infocomm is the industry leader in training and certifying A/V integration technicians, and Data Projections has received high marks from the agency many years in a row.
  • The kind of persistence needed to see the project through. An audio and video technology company isn’t done once the project is installed and switched on. Even with meticulously planned and executed projects, there may still be the occasional technical glitch or inefficiency that can be worked out with extra effort. This extra effort is standard with all of Data Projections’ clients, and its technicians will assess the efficacy of the installation after setup and adjust it until it meets the client’s standards.

Setting up an A/V system is often an exciting moment for an organization, but it needs to be handled by a reputable team to get the most out of it – a team like Data Projections.