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A/V Consultant Can Make Your Audio Visual Project A Success

A/V consultants are usually involved in the initial stages of an audio and video installation process, and are essential for linking a company’s needs to the right technology and solutions. In most cases, these professionals are part of an integration firm, and can offer customized options using technology that is immediately available. During the planning process, the goal is to help the business or organization visualize the system, understand how it works, and understand how it solves their audio and video needs. These are all tasks that an experienced integrator will take seriously and execute thoroughly.

How can A/V consultants help a company or organization with their project?

In most cases, a company or organization may have distinct communications or imaging needs, but not have a solution for them. But even businesses that have only an idea of what they want can benefit greatly from an extensive planning process. Some of the things involved in this process include:

  • Determining the organization’s needs – Whether a business or organization wants to improve how they communicate internally or with others, improve their training, or improve how they engage with potential clients, the planning process will help nuance the issues. A/V consultants will sit down with the organization’s decision makers and determine where they are lacking and where they can make improvements.
  • Determining the best technology and solutions going forward – For example, a school may have trouble engaging students and maintaining acceptable test scores. An integrator can suggest technologies that will work to solve these issues. In this example, interactive whiteboards may provide the best solution. An integrator can also provide technology options for companies that need better conferencing options, or retail outlets that need to make an impact with their advertising.
  • Helping the organization visualize and understand the system – While a reputable integrator will provide ongoing support following system installation, it is still best for the organization’s IT personnel and managers to understand how the system will work. To that end, A/V consultants can model the system in a design program like AutoCAD and show where technology will be placed and how it will be linked. During the planning process, an integrator can also discuss how company personnel will be trained in the system’s usage.

Following planning, the A/V integrator will set up the project, which may only take a matter of days, or even hours. Of course, the job is only begins once the system is installed, and frequent discussions between the integrator and the organization will ensure that the system is working as intended. This means that consultation is also an ongoing process, as the goal is to modify and tweak the system until it is working as needed.

In a way, then, these professionals are more than just a point of contact. They are partners fully committed to putting together the perfect audio and video project.

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