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Why are AV Jobs so Appealing to Millennials?

Why is that A/V jobs in particular are so appealing to Millennials? What exactly do these jobs entail and what kind of satisfaction do individuals who work in these positions receive?

For anyone interested in A/V jobs—work that focuses on the maintenance, installation, or operation of audio-visual equipment—these are important questions to ask, particularly since Millennials are now the largest generation in the field.

Who and What Are Millennials

As defined by a May 11, 2016 article by the Harvard Business Review, the term Millennial refers to a generation of people who were born between 1980 and 1996 and—for the purposes of this article—grew up in the U.S. This definition may vary: researchers use a range of dates to refer to this generation, generally placing all those born between the early 1980s and late 2000s in this category.

Millennials are unique for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is because its members grew up during a major technological shift, experiencing and witnessing a formative period of changes that the general population now takes for granted in everyday life. This is a generation that came of age while rotary phones switched over to cell phones before advancing into today’s smart phones, and a generation that grew up during the utilization of the internet into a core aspect of everyday life.

As a result, Millennials have a particular relationship to today’s commonly employed technology—especially the internet—and modern audio-visual approaches in general.

Considering A/V Jobs 

Generally speaking, A/V jobs are those in which audio-visual equipment plays a central role. This can mean working for businesses that install and service audio-visual setups, such as an off-site audio-visual integration company, or it can mean working for an on-site crew on a day to day basis at large events and conference centers, for example. The details of these positions can vary greatly from one workplace to the next and from region to region.

A/V jobs offer Millennials the ability to work with the technology they’re comfortable with. Unlike the generations that preceded them, Millennials are natively digital. Their experience with analogue devices is comparatively limited but their familiarity with plug-and-play, digital interfaces and operating systems, and other approaches so commonly found in today’s audio-visual equipment means that these devices seem entirely natural to their understanding of technology.

As a rule of thumb, Millennials are far more likely to take to and enjoy working with today’s technology than any generation that preceded them. This means it’s rare for them to feel as a fish out of water when installing, overseeing, or operating this technology, providing insight that helps them every step of the way. As a result, Millennials tend to find unique satisfaction in workplaces focused on audio-visual approaches.