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AV Specialist

AV specialists can offer a range of solutions and technology to a business or organization of any size, making it easier for a client to connect its decision makers, improve its message delivery, or just increase operational efficiency. The importance of audio and video technology has increased greatly in the last couple decades, as consumers now respond better to digital communications, and businesses are operating with tighter budgets than ever. Expert integrators can help with both of these concerns, and do much more.

What can AV specialists add to a company or organization?

The short answer is – plenty. By the time an organization approaches an integrator for assistance, they have some clear, easily definable needs. A reputable integrator will sit down with the organization’s leadership and determine exactly what those needs are, and how to solve them. For example, a university may have trouble delivering information across the entire campus, and this leaves them vulnerable to emergencies. Or, a business may be spending too much money and time on travel. These are common problems, but an integrator can provide insight and solutions for a variety of challenges.

A top integrator combines technology, expertise, and determination to produce a favorable outcome. And some of the solutions AV specialists can provide include:

  • Cutting edge teleconferencing. Businesses can spend a lot of money sending its employees around the world and committing them for several days at a time. Conferencing technology solves this concern by bringing communications back into the office. With a high quality audio and video conferencing system, the company’s managers can interface with partners and clients, and also connect with employees at other offices. This facilitates more effective and cooperative partnerships, and promotes more efficient meetings among project personnel.
  • Better classroom and training engagement. Schools are always looking for ways to get their students interested in learning, and interactive whiteboard technology is a smart approach to that end. In fact, initial studies show that schools that have adopted interactive whiteboards are recording higher test scores. Interactive whiteboards give teachers much more power in introducing a variety of concepts, and encourage students to answer questions and focus on the lesson. In the office, interactive whiteboards are ideal for presenters and managers who are responsible for training new hires.
  • More effective message delivery. Even people just walking down the street can no longer avoid a constant stream of information, usually in the form of signs and advertisements. Digital displays and billboards stand out among mundane print designs and command attention with their animation and vivid colors. This is especially effective on university campuses and public venues, where digital displays can show off event schedules, directories, maps, and emergency alerts.

Clearly, AV specialists can add a great deal of versatility to a business or organization, as long as they are dedicated to optimizing the system for a client.