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What To Expect From AV Technician Jobs At Data Projections

The world is becoming more connected all the time, and this communications-first trend is good news for professionals looking for A/V technician jobs. Every audio and video technology integrator needs a crew of knowledgeable people, capable of responding to changing conditions in the field. But not all integrators are on the same level, and it can be difficult to tell which ones are at the top of field, and which ones are an integrator in name only. Fortunately, there are several indicators that can point a professional in the right direction, and ensure they end up in the right situation.

What should a professional demand from any A/V technician jobs they are considering?

Experts in the audio and video field should expect their company to be a place where they can grow and flourish. The audio and video industry is experiencing an unprecedented level of success in recent years, so there are learning opportunities for those that take advantage. And a professional should expect some of that success to be passed on to the people who make it possible – the hundreds of people who interface with clients directly, assess their needs, and keep their equipment in top form.

What does that mean exactly? Consider what Data Projections offers to its people:

  1. Data Projections has been a recognized member of Infocomm since 2008. Infocomm is the leading trade association in the audio and video industry, and its focus is on proper training of industry professionals. Data Projections has maintained its elevated status through Infocomm for nearly a decade because their people are given every opportunity to expand their skillset and take coursework pertinent to their area of expertise.
  2. Data Projections has expanded rapidly since it was founded in 1987, transitioning from a small, mom and pop seller of overhead projectors, to becoming one of the top audio and video integrators in the world. According to several trade publications, Data Projections is among the 50 most successful integrators in the nation, which given the number of competitors in the industry, is truly saying something.
  3. Data Projections makes internal communication a priority, an element of the company’s culture. This culture includes a commitment to its clients and employees, making sure that everyone is heard. This is true inside the company as well, where everyone has a say, and Data Projections even designates some of its top people to maintaining the company’s culture and making sure everyone feels like they are truly part of the team.

And, of course, Data Projections’ A/V technician jobs come with a competitive salary and benefits to top it off. Put it all together, and it’s clear why Data Projections has some of the best employee retention numbers in the audio and video industry.