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Finding The Foremost AVI In Austin

An audio video integrator, or AVI, in Austin is the foremost expert in improving the quality of a company’s communications technology, and can bring a business into the modern age in record time. The capitol of Texas is known for its cutting edge technology, its savvy, young population, and its love of the arts. This makes the city a natural hub for additions like high-quality digital displays, video walls, interactive whiteboards, and sharp conferencing technology. They not only help a company appear modern and professional, they also greatly facilitate message delivery and internal communications. This has a measurable impact on a company’s bottom line.

What kind of technology can an AVI in Austin offer to businesses and organizations?

Audio and video equipment is extremely versatile, and can facilitate a number of processes for a business, a nonprofit or a school. For example, one of the city’s animal shelters may advertise an adoption drive by setting up an interactive display in a public space near the shelter. The display can be used to list the animals available for adoption, allow people to navigate through the list and select an animal for a closer view. This can trigger photos, sound clips or video of the animal, greatly increasing the likelihood of engaging a user.

This is just one example, but it demonstrates what the technology can do with a creative approach. On a more day to day level, an AVI in Austin can set up audio and video conferencing equipment for a business, allowing managers to organize many employees into a single call and provide direction for a project. Conferencing technology can also be used to connect with partners and clients over long distances, removing the need for expensive travel.

Quality displays can be set up in training or meeting rooms, or even in reception areas where they can produce impressive visual impact. Displays can be tied to a single control console so that technical personnel can instantly change what the display presents, making it a highly effective information dissemination tool for college campuses and public venues – both of which are relevant to the capitol.

Schools and universities are also integrating interactive whiteboard technology into their classrooms at an increasing rate. That’s because they can be used to teach a variety of concepts in a new, engaging way. In grade school, students can use the board to create artistic designs, watch math problems unfold, observe scientific experiments, or even watch a Broadway performance of a classic play. In universities, professors can use an interactive display to add more interest to a lecture, and integrate software with the system that prompts students with questions. This can be used to track student progress and attendance with minimal effort.

An AVI in Austin, such as Data Projections can provide the expertise and equipment to execute any of these projects for any client, and should be considered the first expert to call when it’s time to make an upgrade.