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4 Qualifications To Look For When Your Looking For An AVI Expert In San Antonio

An audio video integrator, or AVI, in San Antonio can help businesses in the Alamo City take their communications and operations to another level, and do it within just a few days. It’s more important than ever for organizations and businesses to present themselves properly, and connect their employees together. Not only does this keep the organization’s reputation favorable, it also reduces operational costs and wasted employee time. Those are the kind of benefits that any organization could use, including nonprofits and educational facilities.

What kind of AVI in San Antonio should an organization look for?

The key to getting the most out of an audio and video installation is to choose a trustworthy expert. For more than 30 years, Data Projections has been that expert for many organizations in various industries, and has a strong presence in the Alamo City. Some of the reasons why Data Projections is the integrator of choice for so many include:

  • A commitment to the project, from start to finish – Most integrators prefer to advertise their technology, but technology is only a small part of the equation. What truly matters is dedication to the project, as there will almost surely be challenges that come up. A committed AVI in San Antonio won’t cut corners when coming up with solutions, and won’t take shortcuts when planning the system out. Data Projections approaches every step of the process meticulously, from consultation to post-installation support.
  • Deep experience in multiple industries – Some integrators can only work with businesses, while others only work with government agencies or educational organizations. Data Projections’ clients come from all kinds of fields, so its experts are equipped for nearly any situation. And with this wide range of experience, Data Projections can bring a unique perspective to every client. This is particularly important in San Antonio, with the high number of military organizations and emerging medical sector in the area.
  • A highly trained staff that is recognized by the industry – Data Projections has been a respected member of Infocomm for many years. Infocomm is the top training and certification organization in the integrator industry, and its courses emphasis best practices among professionals. Data Projections has proudly encouraged much of its staff to attain Infocomm certification, and boasts one of the most knowledgeable groups of experts in the field.
  • The best technology on the market – While technology is only one aspect of the job, it can still make the difference between a highly successful project, and one that is merely adequate. Data Projections doesn’t settle for inferior technology, and can offer the best in conferencing equipment, digital displays, and interactive whiteboards and signage.

Few upgrades have the impact potential of a well-planned and realized audio and video system, and if an organization wants to get the most from one, they will need a reputable AVI in San Antonio to steer the project.