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Data Projections Is Your Choice For An AVI In Houston

An audio and visual integrator, or AVI, in Houston can make an enormous impact on how well a company communicates and how well it is perceived. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with some costly, fundamental problems for a while before bringing in assistance from an integrator, and a forward-thinking decision now can save a lot of money down the road. And even when a business doesn’t know which technology to select or which direction to go, a reputable integrator can help answer the tough questions and find the right tools for the job.

What can an AVI in Houston do for a company?

Businesses in the Bayou City know what long distances look like. Companies with multiple campuses in the area are difficult to link physically given the city’s incredible sprawl, and frequent traffic jams. This is a problem for a lot of petroleum companies in the city, as they have corporate offices near downtown and operational locations near the Ship Channel or near the coast. Sending people back and forth between these locations can be a waste of both time and money. And that’s just addressing citywide communications. Imagine how time-consuming and expensive it can be to send personnel to locations around the country or around the world. In fact, many companies don’t have to imagine this scenario because that’s exactly what they do, and it runs up an enormous travel bill.

But an AVI in Houston can put a stop to that waste, and boost a company’s internal ability to cooperate and coordinate in the process. Audio/video integrators have a wealth of tools at their disposal, including video and audio conferencing equipment, crystal clear digital displays, interactive whiteboards and SMARTboards, projectors, as well as the control systems and the software needed to tie it all together. An AVI can even provide video and audio recording equipment or virtual conferencing equipment for those webinars or point to multipoint conferencing situations.

In short, though, what an AVI in Houston can do is bring face-to-face communication to the meeting room, even if the participants are spread out around the globe. An integrator can help speed up communications between department heads and project managers, making it easier to execute time-sensitive and complex initiatives. An integrator gives personnel the ability to present documents and media to many people at once, and receive immediate feedback in the process. An integrator allows companies to better train its new-hires, and to do so with many new-hires at once. An integrator makes long distance communications interactive with its SMARTboards, or a classroom more vibrant and full of activity with an interactive whiteboard.

What an integrator does is determine what an organization needs, and adapt a modern solution to fit those needs. It’s an option every organization, regardless of size or mission, should consider, as it will inevitably make that organization’s mission much easier to accomplish. When looking for an integrator in Houston to help, Data Projections is that integrator.