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What Technology & Solutions Millennials Expect In The Workplace

Millennials are starting to establish themselves in the professional world, and with their excellent aptitude for technology they offer valuable skills to a company. In fact, attracting these bright, energetic professionals is something that businesses are focusing on more and more, as they can give a company a significant edge. And it’s not just about finding tech-savvy people, as millennials are also asserting themselves as major consumers as well, which means businesses need to be able to predict what millennials want and what to respond to. Clearly, hiring millennials is a priority, but what is the approach to doing so? For one, offering modern A/V systems, as it shows these young professionals, who are generally very comfortable with technology, that the business is forward-thinking and easy to adapt to.

What kind of A/V solutions should a business consider for the purposes of attracting millennials?

Millennials want technology integrated with the job, and they want that technology to make their work more efficient and satisfying. And, millennials want this technology to be simple to use, because smartphones and tablets are designed to be as easy to use as possible. While businesses have many options in this regard, there are a couple A/V solutions that can make a big impression on younger employees. They include:

  • Large, high resolution monitors. Millennials are used to working with multiple monitors, or at least with bigger monitors. That’s because they are comfortable with dealing with a lot of information at once, so the larger screen size doesn’t faze them. In fact, having more workspace can feel refreshing and keep millennials from feeling like they are being undercut by inferior tools. Large monitors are ideal for employers as well, because they improve productivity and work accuracy, both of which mean greater profitability.
  • Teleconferencing solutions. When millennials are focused on work, they don’t like being interrupted. In fact, millennials often see traditional meetings as an obsolete relic that is only used in boring corporate settings. Audio and video conferencing, especially when it can be enabled from the employee’s work PC, ensures quick collaboration that millennials are more receptive to. Teleconferencing is a fast and effective way to communicate, which will be familiar to millennials used to group texting, Facetiming and other modern forms of connecting.
  • Quality display and audio systems. Not every business needs to outfit their offices with display and audio technology, but it can make a big difference in how a workplace feels to a millennial. Young professionals, especially those in marketing, journalism or technology, prefer to be connected to the outside world at all times. Audio and display systems placed around the office will provide this to millennials.

Millennials are the most technologically savvy generation in history, so if a company wants to hire them, it makes sense to reflect this love of technology within the business as well. And modern A/V solutions can help a company get there.