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How Millennials Are Impacting Employment And How Technology Can Help You Attract Them

Millennials, which typically refers to those born in the early-80s on, represent a major culture shift and approach their careers in a manner completely unlike previous generations. Recruiters and business owners would do well to pay attention to these changes if they want to remain ahead of their competitors. The best way to do that is to understand what drives millennials and how technology can be used to attract them to the company. And attracting millennials should be considered a top priority, as they are more tech-savvy than any other generation and possess excellent communications skills in general.

What drives millennials and draws them to a certain company?

In the past, businesses could always outbid each other for a valued recruit using little more than higher wages and better benefits. While these are still factors that millennials consider, higher salaries don’t have the same allure that they used to. That’s largely because millennials have come of age during tough economic times and know how to live within their means. Instead, millennials put a priority on other factors, which include:

  • Office environment – millennials report higher levels of satisfaction when working in creative, active spaces. Younger professionals want to feel like they are inhabiting an environment they want to work in.
  • Company impact – millennials want to work for a company that has a meaningful impact on the world, and a positive one at that. Companies that are active in their community will be more attractive to a millennial.
  • Unique benefits – millennials aren’t lured in by the standard benefits package, in part because they have seen how retirement funds and other benefits can suddenly become unavailable. Instead, younger professionals look for benefits like educational opportunities, travel to interesting places, and better work/life balance.
  • Modern technology and social media – companies that are looking for millennials in traditional places, like online job boards, are missing out. Millennials connect through social media and they want to work for companies that are both technologically and socially on the cutting edge.

How can A/V technology be used to attract millennials to a company?

Clearly, businesses that want millennials need to know how to communicate to them. And younger professionals are accustomed to and prefer to communicate through various media. It makes sense, then, for a company to modernize their way of interfacing with others, and that starts with A/V communication technology.

For example, the first place a millennial is likely to go when being recruited is to the company’s website. If the business uploads a well-produced video that clearly demonstrates benefits and how the company makes an impact, it will make inroads with millennials much more effectively. If the company is able to bring millennials in for a tour of the business’s facilities, sharp digital displays, and sophisticated meeting rooms (complete with conferencing technology) will leave an impact.

And production equipment can also be used in tandem with social media, Youtube and other content streaming sites. This not only shows the millennial that the company is forward-thinking, it also has a viral quality that can reach young people all over the web.

The future belongs to the young professional, and with smart use of A/V technology, a company will ensure they are part of that future.