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Proper Audio Video Installation Of Digital Billboards Has Positive Effects On A Business

An audio and video installation can add a great deal of functionality to a company or organization, which is usually only limited by the integrator’s skills and creativity. A/V technology is extremely versatile and can be used in nearly any venue to improve aesthetics and communications. These venues include offices, schools, universities, museums, airports, stadiums, art galleries and public spaces. In short, they can fit anywhere, and make an immediate impact that can improve a company’s ability to acquire customers, engage students better, or raise awareness of a brand or various issues.

How can an audio and video installation attract customers and build an organization’s reputation?

video wallA/V technology, even at its most basic, is capable of getting attention and helping an organization improve its reputation. High-quality digital displays, for example, can be placed in reception areas and cycle through images and other media that sell the company’s mission. Retailers located in a walkable area can install a digital display in visible areas and advertise a variety of specials and products, using quality media that is designed to bring people into the store. Digital displays can also be used by universities and schools to announce event schedules, campus maps, and any changes to school procedures.

Digital billboards take this concept and ramp it up, with an LED display large enough to place next to a freeway. Digital billboards open up several new advertising techniques for a business, including time-sensitive advertising, which uses preprogrammed advertising patterns to deliver product messages right when they are most effective. For example, a jewelry shop might be running a short term special that expires on a certain day. That shop can choose a one or two day advertising run close to the end of the special to attract extra business.

A video wall can be placed in public spaces or galleries for a particularly impactful audio and video installation. A video wall consists of several displays connected together to create one or more images. It allows for extremely high resolution images, which makes it ideal for large venues like stadiums and airports. It also allows for creative uses of media, and is something that artists and nonprofits can use to excellent effect.

Interactive displays are another option for advertisers and nonprofits, and bring people into the audio and video installation. For example, an interactive display can show off a number of products on a carousel, and people walking by a storefront can swipe through it to see if certain seasonal or special products are on sale. For a nonprofit, people using the display can look up certain events, like adoption drives or galas, and pick how they wish to interact with the organization.

These are just a few examples, as A/V technology can offer superior conferencing, training and teaching methods as well, and give organizations capabilities that they hadn’t even considered.