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Audio Visual Design Is More Then Just Technology & Equipment

Audio and visual design is more than just the technology and the equipment, it’s also about producing a long-term solution that meets the client’s needs. Any integrator can sell equipment. It takes an experienced, forward-thinking expert to tailor a solution to the specific client. And it’s not enough for an AV integrator to hand the equipment over and move on, as AV technology needs support throughout its lifespan. And by following a project after its installation, an AV integrator can ensure it continues to perform.

Data Projections emphasizes this approach, combining the best equipment and a skillful eye to produce a solution that lasts. With this goal in mind, Data Projections doesn’t have customers, it has partners.

What makes Data Projections the ideal expert for audio and visual design?

 AV professionals are just like professionals in any other industry. To succeed, they need to have the right training, the right tools, and the right attitude. Only a handful of companies in the industry can provide all three, and Data Projections is one of them.

The right training

The AV industry is a complicated one, so system providers need a spectrum of knowledge to do the job right. This includes basic installation practices, networking, system fabrication, verification and setup, and introduction to a variety of technologies. Before a company can engage in audio and visual design, it must have these principles down like second-nature.

In the AV industry, Infocomm provides the most respected courses for AV professionals, and Infocomm certification is a goal every firm should aspire to. Data Projections is a recognized AV system provider through Infocomm, and has maintained their status for several years running. Data Projections is filled with highly-skilled people who are thoroughly educated and trained in AV system setup and installation.

The right tools

As the saying goes, a worker is only as good as his tools. That is a truism in the AV field as well, as it takes high-quality technology to execute an AV project. Data Projections regularly employs advanced conferencing equipment, high-quality projectors and displays, video input and output devices, and interactive whiteboard technology. This technology can be used in creative ways and mixed and matched for a variety of projects. This takes a creative approach to the field, though, and a commitment to a long-term relationship with the client.

The right attitude

Perhaps the most important element of a reputable audio and visual design company is the right attitude. To succeed as an AV system provider and ensure clients get what they need, an AV expert has to be committed to a custom, thought out solution, and the resolve to work at that solution until it does what it is supposed to do. That’s why Data Projections is committed to all of its clients through the life of the system. If a client requires technical support or alterations to their system once it is put into action, Data Projections will make it happen. More than anything, that commitment is what makes Data Projections a top audio and video design system provider.