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How Can You Tell If You Have The Right Audio Visual Expert

It can be difficult for business owners and managers to tell audio and visual experts apart, but there are several traits that set the best AV integrators apart from the rest. Data Projections is one such integrator, and has the history and accolades to prove its ability. The right AV system can make all the difference in a company, improving its branding and allowing it to link several corporate campuses together. When executed properly, an AV system can make a measurable impact on a business’s bottom line and set it up for future advances in communication technology.

What makes Data Projections one of the most respected audio and visual experts?

What sets Data Projections apart is commitment and expertise. Data Projections has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry and has worked with a diverse set of clients, including schools and Fortune 100 companies. Every business and every organization needs a system tailored to its unique needs. Some organizations need an effective method for delivering announcements. Some need to connect several project managers together on a daily basis. Some organizations need technology that engages students or trainees, improving teaching efficiency. And some organizations just want to evoke a professional tone with cutting edge equipment. No matter the reason, Data Projections has the skill and expertise to execute the job.

Data Projections has an impressive list of accolades, earning top spots in Houston publications several years running. Most importantly, though, Data Projections adheres to AV9000 standards and has been recognized each year, since 2010, as SCN’s top audio visual integrators in North America.

While accolades are one thing, results are another, and results are what true audio and visual experts take pride in. Take, for instance, Bluewater Industries, a leading project manager and offshore construction firm. Every year, meetings with overseas clients cost the business more than $10,000 and a troubling amount of employee time. What Bluewater needed was a way to communicate with anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Data Projections was the right provider to call, and was able to set up two videoconference rooms, each with different conferencing technology. In one room, a simple digital display is the delivery method, while in the other room, an overhead projector and an interactive SMART board provides a wealth of communication options. Both rooms are set up for several videoconferencing formats, making it easy to share files, execute presentations, and remain in touch with important clients.

This is just one example of how Data Projections can improve a company’s operations, and as one of the most committed audio and visual experts in the industry, Data Projections will ensure every project is as successful as Bluewater.