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Choosing Amongst The Many AV Integration Companies

There are a number of AV integration companies out there, but only a handful will follow a project after completion and ensure it is supported well after. Organizations shouldn’t underestimate the importance of ongoing support, as setting up audio and visual systems is a complicated endeavor. It is also helpful to follow the performance of new systems after they are installed to see where improvements can be made.

Data Projections has been in the industry since 1987 and has proven itself to a range of clients, during and after project setups. But it’s not enough for an audio and visual expert to be dedicated. They also need technical expertise and creative thinking, both of which Data Projections brings to every client.

What makes Data Projections one of the strongest AV integration companies in the field?

Data Projections has been recognized by many publications throughout Texas, and has picked up a number of awards in recognition of its forward-thinking service. What exactly, though, makes Data Projections stand out?

In short, it’s a commitment to the client, from the initial consultation to years after the project has been completed. They work with every client to determine their audio and visual communications needs, which can be as simple as updating an aging phone system, to something as complex as crafting unified collaboration from scratch. For example, a high school may have trouble delivering announcements in a way that students will pay attention to. With a set of displays strategically placed, along with updated video recording and conferencing equipment, a school can ready its students for every school day.

Perhaps a company sends its employees to high risk areas, and managers need to be able to notify their workers as soon as there is a threat. Data Projections can assess the company’s preferred methods of communication and augment it with an automated system that sends out e-mails or texts when workers need immediate notification.

These are just a couple of examples of what AV integration companies can do, and Data Projections can modify any solution to fit any client. Maybe a business wants to enable video conferencing to connect its facilities together, but doesn’t know what kind of system to set up. Data Projections can walk the business through their options, take into account what they need to conference for, and assess their current infrastructure. A large dedicated system may be required to take advantage of current technologies or to let multiple people conference from a single location. Or, the company may only need a simple add-on to a PC for a no-frills approach to the setup. Data Projections can present all options and help a client find that perfect mix of functionality and affordability, an approach that many AV integration companies don’t take.

An audio and video installation can vastly improve communications, as long as it is managed by a reputable provider. Data Projections can be that provider for any organization.