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An AV System Is The Answer For Communications

Audio Visual System

An AV system, or audio-visual system, is a communication and presentation solution that integrates its audio and visual elements to deliver a seamless interactive experience. This technology is ideal for supporting government operations, schools, colleges, network operations centers, and corporate environments of all shapes and sizes.

Audio-visual technology excels at allowing these organizations to video conference, train, collaborate, interview, and make decisions more quickly. It allows schools and businesses to create powerful distance-learning labs, virtual offices that exist only in the cloud, operations centers, remote board rooms, huddle rooms, and briefing rooms. Organizations around the world are embracing the power this technology offers to help them become more connected and more productive than ever before.

Lightning-Fast Streaming

A good AV system delivers super-fast streaming without hitches or blips. Fortunately, integration creates a system that takes up less bandwidth, making it easier to deliver this capability at a variety of connection speeds.

While it certainly helps for organizations to obtain the fastest network connectivity they can possibly manage, great audio-visual technology is capable of making the most of the existing network capabilities. Design engineers can take existing connection speeds into account when designing the infrastructure.

Theatre-Quality Surround Sound

With an effective AV system in place, audio conference participants don’t have to ask someone to repeat themselves. Crystal clear sound makes it seem like participants are standing in the very same room, even if one participant is in London and another is in New York.

The right technology can also ensure that students at the back of a lecture hall hear and see the presented material just as well as the students sitting at the front, simply by integrating as well as positioning the appropriate size and number of displays and speakers throughout the lecture hall.

Crystal Clear HD Pictures

Presentations, drawings, and video content remain clear and easy to see with the help of large, high-definition screens. Facial expressions and body language are preserved—an important factor for maintaining a face-to-face connection between remote participants.

A proper AV system facilitates camaraderie and collaboration. It also facilitates long-distance interviewing for organizations that want to draw from a global talent pool.


An effective AV system allows collaborators to use SMART boards. These whiteboards allow every tele-meeting participant to write notes in digital ink. Work can be saved or moved with a touch-sensitive display. Document cameras offer high-resolution 3D views of important drawings or documents.

Interactivity may be brought to classrooms as well, and interactive response setups allow professors and teachers to receive immediate feedback on whether or not students understand the material that is presented.

User-friendly Control Interface.

Any organization that has ever spent half an hour or more attempting to connect a laptop to an old projector screen will appreciate easy touch-screen manipulation and turnkey presentations. There are a variety of ways to make this happen, including wireless or web-based remote controls, touch screen apps, and more.

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