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The Role AVI Plays in Delivering Federal Technology Solutions

Audio video integration systems (AVIs) are powerful federal technology solutions that help the military and government agencies do a better job of maintaining interagency communications, conducting remote mission briefings, and managing emergency situations. In addition, there are multiple ways in which AVI systems can improve security.

AVI-Assisted Interagency Communication

When government agencies meet, there is very little margin for error. When participants are being briefed on terrorist activity, criminal activity, or enemy movements, it is critical to ensure that each and every word may be heard sharply and clearly. There is no time to ask participants to repeat their statements, and when every second counts there is definitely no room for technical difficulties.

In addition, the ability to display maps, personnel files, vital records, dossiers and other information, as well as the ability to interact with it in real time is of great importance.

Data Projections has a history of providing federal technology solutions and installations. The company is experienced in placing a 70-inch flat screen TV and a retractable projection screen with an HD in-ceiling projector into a room, integrating it with top-notch sound equipment that picks up every word, and linking it all to secure channels where it may be streamed around the world, on demand and in real time. Imagine intuitive communication that allows the mission leader to control the entire experience from a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

AVI Signal Protection

It is possible to keep all AVI images and transmissions completely secure with the help of a full line of encoders and decoders. This allows government agencies to create a command and control center that can reach out to anyone, anywhere in the world while delivering a secure “right on site” experience for those who remain in the briefing room itself.

Asset management is also possible through remote system diagnostics. Comprehensive federal technology solutions give system administrators the power to monitor and log system activity in order to deter, prevent, and stop any misuse of the AVI communications system. This gives government agencies additional peace of mind and the ability to observe communications security protocols.

AVI Security Solutions

Audio video integration systems can be successfully incorporated into surveillance and security equipment, which means government agencies may enjoy superior, HD quality picture and sound as they seek to protect their most important facilities and sites from intrusion.

Further integration could allow sound and images from the surveillance equipment to be transmitted instantly to another location as required by the needs of the agency.

Customized Federal Technology Solutions

AVI encompasses both hardware and software tools that must be brought together to work as a seamless whole. This demands the design of an entire AVI infrastructure. Designing a well thought-out AVI system is not merely a matter of requisitioning the correct equipment from a catalogue. It requires a careful attention to detail and an understanding of the way the equipment is to be used in the future.

Data Projections installs such customized AVI systems on a regular basis. Data Projections is fully prepared to accept government contracts and is available to design federal technology solutions to meet the unique needs of any agency.