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Bring Science To Life

Bring Science to Life With zSpace

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are transforming the way educators deliver lessons to their students, and zSpace is one of the most promising examples of the form. Students and educators are both excited to engage with VR and AR in the classroom, and the data is clear on this. According to a study put together by Cerebrum, 97 percent of surveyed students are interested in trying VR in the classroom. A Samsung study of U.S. teachers found that 70 percent wanted to integrate VR and AR into their lesson planning. It’s rare for an educational technology to be so embraced by both student and teacher, but VR’s potential to engage and teach is obvious. Continue reading “Bring Science To Life”

Experience Better Communication With An Audio Conferencing System

An audio conferencing system has immense potential in improving communication between teams and with meeting productivity. Audio conferencing technology has come a long way in the last 20 years, and modern versions offer excellent voice quality, ease of configuration and plenty of features. With any technology, though, it’s fair to ask if it’s worth investing in. As thousands of businesses have already discovered, audio conferencing is an extremely worthwhile investment. Continue reading “Experience Better Communication With An Audio Conferencing System”

How Does AV Design And Installation Go Hand In Hand?

Should AV design and installation be handled by the same integrator?

AV solutions are more complex than ever, so it is essential that AV design and installation go hand in hand. Ideally, a single integrator would perform every step of the job, including both design and installation. This is the only way to guarantee a cohesive solution. Continue reading “How Does AV Design And Installation Go Hand In Hand?”

Where To Start When You Need AV Consultants In Houston

AV consultants in Houston provide valuable technical insight for businesses, schools and government institutions. AV technology and solutions are incredibly complex and intricate, which is why organizations need an AV expert they can trust to help conceptualize their AV-related solutions. Continue reading “Where To Start When You Need AV Consultants In Houston”

What Difference Does Flat Panels In Education Make

Using Clevertouch In School

Interactivity is essential for flat panels used in education

Interactive flat panels were made for education, as they encourage students to learn in ways that promote retention and engagement. Educators already know the power of collaboration in the classroom, which is why group projects are still a reliable teaching method. According to a student survey published in EdTech Magazine, collaboration in the classroom resulted in students being 13 percent more likely to feel confident speaking during class discussions, while the survey also found significant boots in social-emotional and communication development. Continue reading “What Difference Does Flat Panels In Education Make”

Upgrading Your Workspace With Huddle Room Solutions

Huddle Room Solutions are Designed for the Modern Meeting

Huddle rooms have quickly transitioned from a novelty to a must-have, and that’s likely due to how U.S. companies organize their meetings. According to a study published in the Wall Street Journal, 73 percent of corporate meetings only involve between two and four people. That’s the exact range that huddle room solutions are designed for, and because so many meetings fit best in these spaces, businesses should consider how to make their huddle rooms more effective. Continue reading “Upgrading Your Workspace With Huddle Room Solutions”

What Are The Most Important Features To Look For When Evaluating Interactive Displays?

Interactive displays are already found in conference rooms and classrooms around the country, and they are only growing in popularity. According to research compiled by Furturesource Consulting, 75 percent of U.S. classrooms are operating an interactive display, and many of the early adopting school districts are upgrading to interactive flat panels, which now make up 84 percent of all interactive display sales. There’s several good reasons for that, as interactive flat panels are more vivid, easier to control and easier to maintain. Continue reading “What Are The Most Important Features To Look For When Evaluating Interactive Displays?”

How Can Businesses Utilize A Digital Display

Digital DIsplay

A Digital Display is the Ideal Way to Deliver Information

Digital displays perform better than all other display mediums in terms of capturing attention, delivering memorable information and enhancing productivity. According to a study funded and published by the Intel Corporation, digital displays are 400 percent more likely to attract someone’s attention than static display options. That same study also determined that digital displays are excellent at making a memorable impact, as their recall rate is above 80 percent. That’s far beyond what static displays can offer. Continue reading “How Can Businesses Utilize A Digital Display”

Explore The World With ClassVR

How Students Can Explore the World with ClassVR

The future of virtual and augmented reality is bright, and the most promising applications of both VR and AR may be in education. In a Samsung survey of U.S. elementary and secondary teachers, 93 percent of respondents stated that their students would be excited to use VR technology. Seven out of 10 teachers in the survey said they wanted to use VR more to simulate experiences relevant to the lesson at hand. Continue reading “Explore The World With ClassVR”