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What Is The Process For Audio And Visual Installation

Audio and visual installations are much more than just component installations. They are about smart integration as well, which is why reputable A/V firms don’t refer to themselves as installers, but as A/V integrators. That’s not to say that the installation process is unimportant, but it’s the easy part of the job. The tough part, and one that only some integrators are capable of, is ensuring that every piece of the installation works together. Continue reading “What Is The Process For Audio And Visual Installation”

Why Businesses Should Be Using Video Conference Systems

The applications for video conference systems are practically endless, and the technology is now entrenched in all kinds of industries, at all levels. At this point, it’s fair to say that video conferencing is well-worn technology, but it isn’t going anywhere. There are several trends in the corporate and professional world that guarantee that video conferencing solutions will remain relevant well into the future, and companies that take advantage of those trends will be better prepared for the many innovations coming from the audio/visual industry. Continue reading “Why Businesses Should Be Using Video Conference Systems”

What Creates An Office Huddle Space

When new A/V technology offers better collaboration solutions, it is the office huddle space that is first transformed by the leap forward. In other words, the huddle space is a place where A/V technology is best represented. Industry experts have developed all kinds of reasons why that is the case – some of them practical and some of them a bit far-reaching. Continue reading “What Creates An Office Huddle Space”

5 Ways Conference Room Booking Software Can Help Managers

Office and venue managers focus much of their efforts on organizing and maintaining spaces. Perhaps those spaces are used for meetings and collaboration, or perhaps those spaces are sports fields or studios. Whatever those rooms or spaces are, they can be a handful to look after without the proper organization in place. All too often, though, efforts to keep rooms organized are poorly thought out or just plain obsolete. Continue reading “5 Ways Conference Room Booking Software Can Help Managers”

How Are Electronic Billboards Beneficial For Businesses

Electronic billboards are just one example of how video is increasingly replacing the static image. We don’t have to look any further than our Smartphones and our Apps to understand this advertising concept. Video enables the ability to share dynamic visual content, which makes for exceptionally effective marketing. Continue reading “How Are Electronic Billboards Beneficial For Businesses”

What To Expect From Audio Visual Suppliers

The most talented and experienced audio visual suppliers are better known as integrators, because their job is to integrate new technology into an existing framework. Proper integration takes a great deal more finesse and precision, which is why it’s not enough to just find an A/V supplier. It takes an A/V integrator to make it all work. But what are the notable traits in a talented integrator, and how can a business go about recognizing them? Continue reading “What To Expect From Audio Visual Suppliers”

How To Select An Effective Video Conferencing Camera For A Business?

There are many considerations when looking to upgrade a video conferencing camera. All aspects of the collaboration room must be taken into account so the camera can effectively do its job. The brightness of the room, the clarity of picture and sound, and the quality of face-to-face interactions are details that must be considered when it comes to the effectiveness and productivity of the video conference. Continue reading “How To Select An Effective Video Conferencing Camera For A Business?”

How To Select A Sound System For A Conference Room

Many businesses have no idea where to start when it comes to designing a sound system for a conference room. Thankfully, A/V integrators are there to help.

The following is a list of important questions to ask yourself and your A/V Integrator when considering audio or sound equipment for any sized conference room. Then we will examine each question a bit more in-depth. Continue reading “How To Select A Sound System For A Conference Room”

What Is Digital Signage And How It Makes An Impact

Digital signage is a growing phenomenon in marketing, but what exactly is it? Well, it’s exactly how it sounds. This emerging approach to advertising or information delivery leverages LED, LCD or projector technology to deliver just about any kind of message possible. Continue reading “What Is Digital Signage And How It Makes An Impact”

4 Technologies A Digital Control Room Should Include

NASA isn’t the only place where a digital control room can be found, as they have become essential to industry, military, government and public utilities. And though few control rooms reach NASA’s in terms of complexity, the general formula is the same from room to room. The goal is to provide and condense a staggering amount of data, accelerate decision making and enhance collaboration so that the best solutions win out. Continue reading “4 Technologies A Digital Control Room Should Include”