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What To Consider When Selecting Conference Room Audio Equipment

Conference Room Audio Equipment: The Four Major Factors

Conference room audio equipment is what powers a call, and when it is selected, installed and configured carefully, it makes the conversation flow naturally and clearly. Audio conferencing remains an essential part of collaboration, according to a 2015 survey published by Wainhouse Research. That survey found that the use of audio conferencing doubled between 2010 and 2014, from 78 billion minutes of use to 150 billion minutes of use. The survey’s respondents cited reduced costs, better usability, better availability and the rise of the remote employee as reasons for adopting audio conferencing. Continue reading “What To Consider When Selecting Conference Room Audio Equipment”

What Is AVaaS & How Does It Improve AV Solutions

AVaaS streamlines how AV solution are delivered

For many businesses, AV as a service, or AVaaS, provides everything they need from their AV technology. In this case, what companies need is an AV solution that works every time, and what they don’t need is the complexity that comes with the technology. AVaaS is the solution to both issues, as it gives companies access to superior equipment, expert insight and ongoing support. Continue reading “What Is AVaaS & How Does It Improve AV Solutions”

What Is Codec?

What is a codec and why is it important?

The term codec combines the words “coder” and “decoder” because that’s what a codec does. They encode outgoing digital data streams and decode incoming streams, making them essential for nearly every AV solution. Like with any technology, there are a lot of codecs available and no single best choice. Continue reading “What Is Codec?”

How Can A Digital Whiteboard Enhance A Classroom Or Boardroom

How a Digital Whiteboard Can Change the Classroom and the Boardroom

Whether delivering a critical presentation, employee training or a complex math lesson, a digital whiteboard provides the perfect medium to do so. Digital whiteboards are being rapidly improved upon, and current generation models provide incredible functionality, usability and versatility. If your organization relies on visual communications to any extent, a digital whiteboard is a smart choice. Continue reading “How Can A Digital Whiteboard Enhance A Classroom Or Boardroom”

Evolution Of The Soft Codec In Huddle Rooms

digital white board

What is driving the evolution of the soft codec in huddle rooms?

Soft codec systems simplify video conferencing efforts, making it an ideal solution for huddle rooms. Huddle rooms aren’t a new addition to the corporate environment, but they are quickly gaining in popularity. In a Cisco-sponsored survey of 1,005 business owners, 93 percent of respondents stated that more huddle rooms are needed, as they provide a dedicated, private meeting space that is hard to come by in an open office setting. Continue reading “Evolution Of The Soft Codec In Huddle Rooms”

Solutions For Your Meeting Room Technology

Video Conference Room

Meeting Room Technology Prioritizes Productivity

There are numerous meeting room technology developments for 2019, and they promise better collaboration and more efficient meetings. There’s a lot of meetings to account for, too, as Microsoft’s office productivity data and information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows. According to their data, U.S. workers are in 40 to 50 million meetings a day. Continue reading “Solutions For Your Meeting Room Technology”

How Can A/V Technology Enhance CTE Or STEM

A/V technology can enhance CTE and STEM education?

Many educators looking for better CTE and STEM teaching methods are turning to A/V technology to improve their lesson delivery. It’s a sound approach that is backed by data provided by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, or PNAS. According to a meta-analysis put together by PNAS, 55 percent more students fail lecture-only STEM courses, compared to STEM courses with active learning methods. Continue reading “How Can A/V Technology Enhance CTE Or STEM”

What Benefits Does IP Video Conferencing Offer?

What is IP video conferencing?

IP video conferencing is a proven productivity booster that is no longer a distant priority for most businesses. Companies, schools and other organizations rely on this technology to improve collaboration, ensuring they get the most out of every meeting. Continue reading “What Benefits Does IP Video Conferencing Offer?”

Finding A Room Controller For Your Huddle Room

Operations Center Control Room

Many AV solutions rely on a room controller to do just that – control the room’s AV technology from a single interface. They are popular in office buildings and hotel rooms, as they provide guests with a simple way to alter lighting or audio levels, power equipment on or begin a video conference. If it can be integrated into an AV system, it can be managed using a room controller. Continue reading “Finding A Room Controller For Your Huddle Room”

What Is Soft Codec?

What is a soft codec?

A soft codec is a codec that comes in software form. It sounds simple enough, but the technology is revolutionary. Soft codecs make it possible for organizations to communicate and collaborate efficiently, whether that communication takes place between coworkers, or with an organization on the other side of the globe. Continue reading “What Is Soft Codec?”