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How The Clever Message App Can Improve A School Or Business

Instant, clear communication with the Clever Message App

The Clevertouch is already a clear winner in lesson and presentation delivery, and the Clever Message app is making relaying messages even faster. When education or commercial institutions integrate the Clevertouch into their operations, they often set up several of the panels around the facility, perhaps one in every classroom or meeting room. With a network of interactive flat panels in place, they have considerable potential in delivering important communications to many groups at once. Since Clever Message is included in all Clevertouch purchases, your investment is enriched with a practical application that all institutions are considering for digital signage. Continue reading “How The Clever Message App Can Improve A School Or Business”

Is Your Network Ready For The Future?

Is your company’s network ready for the future of A/V technology?

When considering whether your network is ready for the future, the primary factor is bandwidth. Backbone A/V technologies, including video conferencing systems, have improved greatly in recent years, but those improvements in call quality come with a bandwidth tradeoff. High definition video makes significant demands on a network, including enterprise networks that are churning through mountains of data every day. Insufficient bandwidth is a common issue among companies, then, and a lack of bandwidth can bring video calls, among other data-using services, to a halt. While that’s unacceptable, it is avoidable. With a deep analysis of the company’s data usage, it’s elementary for companies to make the needed upgrades or the needed reductions in usage. Continue reading “Is Your Network Ready For The Future?”

When Is It Time To Upgrade My Space?

How often should AV technology be upgraded?

It’s a difficult mindset to get out of, trying to squeeze every last minute out of a piece of hardware. It’s something we all do with the technology we have at home, and for consumers, it may be an approach that makes sense. Consumer technology, after all, is rarely relied on to optimize productivity. That’s not the case with business-class hardware, though, which must drive productivity. And in this context, utilizing A/V hardware until it collapses is far from the most cost-effective solution. Such an approach will waste more than the company’s money, as failing hardware is frustrating to deal with. Continue reading “When Is It Time To Upgrade My Space?”

Live Morning Announcements For Education

A proper start to the morning

Live morning announcements for education are a mainstay, as they offer schools a chance to reach students before class even begins. They’ve been around for decades, in one form or another, and they remain a powerful teaching, creative, motivating, informing and unifying tool for schools. Modern video streaming and display technology allows educators and administrators to do much more than blast garbled audio over the PA system. Schools can now do some impressive things with their video technology, creating morning announcements that will draw attention. Continue reading “Live Morning Announcements For Education”

What Is Augmented Reality Versus Virtual Reality?

AV technology has brought to life incredible images and soundscapes, but perhaps nothing so far has had the impact that augmented reality (AR) and virtual (VR) will achieve. While a looming video wall or precisely zoned audio system can enhance the way someone observes their surroundings, augmented and virtual reality change those surroundings entirely. What is the potential impact and what separates the two? Those questions are becoming tougher to answer, but more intriguing as well. Continue reading “What Is Augmented Reality Versus Virtual Reality?”

Do I Really Need A 24/7 Display?

Many business owners wonder if they really need a 24/7 display, or if they can get away with using that TV they found on sale instead. While some televisions can be used for digital signage, there are long-term issues with this option. The problem is that a consumer television used for this purpose is going to provide an inferior display, inferior reliability and inferior controllability. Continue reading “Do I Really Need A 24/7 Display?”

The Importance Of Having Audio Visual Support And What’s Commonly Included

Board Room

How important is it to secure long term audio/visual support for my A/V system?

Modern A/V technology is changing the way we communicate and collaborate, but it’s not immune to the occasional glitch or quirk, making audio visual support invaluable. No technology is infallible, so companies that rely on their A/V systems should also have an A/V expert they can rely on as well. Continue reading “The Importance Of Having Audio Visual Support And What’s Commonly Included”

How To Plan Effective Rack Rooms For Businesses

Three essential considerations for rack rooms

Rack rooms are the nerve center of any business, building or venue, and they must be protected as such. This is especially true if the rack room is housing or supporting A/V technology, as some of this equipment is capable of generating a lot of heat. Continue reading “How To Plan Effective Rack Rooms For Businesses”

What Audio Visual Technologies Should A Courtroom Have?

A/V technologies and solutions for the courtroom

The courtroom has changed very little over time, and many still operate with technology designed decades ago. These courtrooms are compromising cost and security by relying on this obsolete technology, and some aren’t even ADA compliant. This is changing quickly, though, and courtrooms are modernizing at rapid rates. There are several reasons for this shift, but cost is likely the greatest reason. Continue reading “What Audio Visual Technologies Should A Courtroom Have?”

ADA Considerations When Designing AV Systems

A/V Compliance in an ADA world

In 1990, the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, was signed into law, and since then, integrators have made numerous ADA considerations when designing A/V systems for their clients. The ADA serves an important purpose in ensuring that everyone can take full advantage of all installed A/V technology. Continue reading “ADA Considerations When Designing AV Systems”