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How Can Audio Enhancement Technology Assist With Distance Learning?

As the new school year approaches, educators are preparing for more distance learning, and looking to audio enhancement technology to improve their online lessons. With audio enhancement, students can hear the teacher better, whether that teacher is in the same room wearing a mask or delivering a lesson through a video. This has quantifiable benefits on a student’s ability to learn, as most people learn best when integrating visuals and sound together. Continue reading “How Can Audio Enhancement Technology Assist With Distance Learning?”

What Does The Pandemic Mean For Educational Technology?

Major changes normally come slowly in education, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced a rapid transition to distance learning and other edtech solutions. These solutions are aimed at everyone involved in the educational process, including students, teachers, administrators, parents and technology experts.

The sudden, overwhelming need for edtech solutions hasn’t been ignored, though, because new solutions are emerging, and existing solutions are being adapted for a new era of tech-fueled learning. Adaptable districts can find solutions that work for their students both now and in the future, no matter what the future of education looks like. Continue reading “What Does The Pandemic Mean For Educational Technology?”

How eSports Are Beginning To Change High School Athletics

Throughout the U.S. educators are turning eSports into a learning experience and are better engaging their students as a result. School districts in California, Wisconsin and Connecticut are organizing eSports leagues for their students, and organizations like the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) are hoping to propel eSports to national prominence.

Fueling this growth is AV technology, which can serve two roles for educators. One, AV technology is a powerful learning tool that can help process eSports into engaging lessons. Two, AV technology can be used to train eSports teams and improve their performance. Both are of value to educators, as students engage with activities they do well, and this can lead to better participation in other areas.

Continue reading “How eSports Are Beginning To Change High School Athletics”

What AV Solutions Can Data Projections Help Their Clients With?

AV Integrated Lobby Room
Data Projections can help Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin businesses and organizations with their AV needs, no matter their scale or objective. As every business, school and organization has unique needs and resources, Data Projections designs its AV solutions to custom fit the client’s requirements. Think of the company as a technology partner rather than an equipment seller, providing full-service AV integration from system planning to post-installation support and maintenance. Continue reading “What AV Solutions Can Data Projections Help Their Clients With?”

How To Run An Effective Meeting With AV Technology

AV Huddle Room
AV technology has been an important part of successful meetings for decades. Modern AV solutions can speed up communication, bring order to the meeting and make them more engaging with visual information. According to research published in Inc. Magazine, poorly organized meetings were projected to cost U.S. companies nearly $400 billion in 2019, so there’s a lot of inefficiencies that could be worked out with better technology, and better use of that technology. Continue reading “How To Run An Effective Meeting With AV Technology”

Simply Connect – powered by Teleportivity

What is Simply Connect?

Simply Connect – powered by Teleportivity – is a new approach to support, allowing organizations to provide help whenever and wherever it is needed. With Simply Connect, businesses, schools, venues and professionals can deliver live help or support resources upon request, no matter when and where the request is made. This allows organizations to get the most out of their support team, as they have unlimited reach with Simply Connect. Continue reading “Simply Connect – powered by Teleportivity”

What Is Protect98 And How Does It Work?

Technological advances are changing the way we live life daily, especially in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Whether it is to facilitate social reintegration at public establishments amidst COVID-19 or to act as an added measure of security, the Protect98 digital platform is designed to assist with both. This device allows for contactless profile scanning to determine an individual’s temperature, the presence of a protective facial mask, and facial recognition.

Protect98 is a new wave of technology created to help businesses manage day to day operations with valuable peace of mind. Learn what it does, how it works, and how it might fit into your present business culture.

Continue reading “What Is Protect98 And How Does It Work?”

The Five AV Solutions Every Public Board Meeting Should Have

AV technology can help public board meetings proceed smoothly and deliver information clearly, so they’re more efficient and more effective. AV solutions are also practical for public boards, because reputable integrators can support them for years after installation. Further, AV integrators can provide AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS) to their clients, which eliminates budgeting uncertainty and ensures the system is always kept up to date. Continue reading “The Five AV Solutions Every Public Board Meeting Should Have”

AV Solutions For Classroom Facilities Include The Latest Audio/Visual Technology

AV solutions for classroom facilities include emerging technologies, like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and interactive displays. According to the 2019 State of Technology in Education Report, authored by Promethean, about 90 percent of teachers agree that technology is helpful for engaging students. This number is even higher for VR and AR, where 93 percent of teachers agree that their students would be interested in the technology. Continue reading “AV Solutions For Classroom Facilities Include The Latest Audio/Visual Technology”