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An AV Control System Links Man and Technology

AV Control System

No AV solution is complete without a control system, especially if the technology will be used by many people, each with their own level of technical expertise. At first glance, control systems aren’t much to look at, especially compared to other, visually impactful AV technologies. Control systems are critical in ensuring the system operates as it should, without frustrating the user and while remaining within defined parameters. Continue reading “An AV Control System Links Man and Technology”

Conference Room Solutions Are Productivity Solutions

AV Integrated Conference Room

Conference rooms remain essential to corporate communications, and when they are driven by AV technology, they can drive productivity as well. Americans are involved in more meetings than ever, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since 2000, the average meeting length has increased by 10 percent, and U.S. businesses hold about 11 million meetings a day. In short, professionals spend a lot of their time preparing for and executing meetings. Give them better tools, and they’ll prepare and execute those meetings with greater impact and efficiency. Continue reading “Conference Room Solutions Are Productivity Solutions”

Audio And Visual Systems Integration Is An Involved Process

digital white board

Audio and visual systems integration is more relevant than ever before, as businesses, schools and government institutions turn to AV experts for modern communication solutions. This was the subject of Commercial Integrator’s 2019 State of the Industry Report, which projects a nearly 10 percent growth rate for the AV industry in 2019, so integrators are busy all over the country. Continue reading “Audio And Visual Systems Integration Is An Involved Process”

A/V Installation Should Be Handled By A Professional Integrator

AV Integrated Boardroom

The AV installation process is more than just the installation. It’s about integrating the technology into the company’s existing systems and workflow, and that’s a task only an AV integrator is equipped to handle. Given the complexities involved, the goal for businesses should be to find an integrator they trust to handle the job. Continue reading “A/V Installation Should Be Handled By A Professional Integrator”

Data Projection Is Now BrightLink Pro Certified

The EPSON BrightLink Pro is an industry leading interactive display, and Data Projections is now a certified expert in its installation and use. What does it mean to be BrightLink Pro certified? It means Data Projections is able to serve as your primary technology partner in all things BrightLink Pro. Continue reading “Data Projection Is Now BrightLink Pro Certified”

How Do Video Conferencing Systems Support A Distributed Workforce?

Video conferencing systems solve the communication problems that are common to distributed workforces. It’s difficult to maintain productive communications with remote employees, as the important nonverbal cues, like body language and facial expressions are unable to be seen. Video conferencing brings these nonverbal cues back into the conversation, which keeps a distributed workforce unified and collaborating. Continue reading “How Do Video Conferencing Systems Support A Distributed Workforce?”

How Effective Is Interactive Digital Signage?

Digital Display Wall

Interactive digital signage is a promising technology because people respond to it well, and it is only limited by the user’s creativity. Consider this: In 2013, the most viewed story on the New York Times’ website was an interactive quiz (the subject was on regional dialects), which shows that people are more willing to respond to an interactive experience. Continue reading “How Effective Is Interactive Digital Signage?”

Audio Conferencing Solutions Are Still In Demand

Though video conferencing technology is on the rise, audio conferencing solutions remain useful and commonplace. According to a Wainhouse Research survey of IT decision makers, more than 40 percent stated that they engage in multiple audio conference calls every week. More than 25 percent said they use audio conferencing daily. Continue reading “Audio Conferencing Solutions Are Still In Demand”

The Value Of Audio And Visual Support

Audio and visual support is what keeps an AV solution running at peak capacity, long after it has been installed. It’s the goal of every reputable AV integrator to serve as their clients’ AV technology partner, for several reasons. Most importantly, AV solutions aren’t the kind of solutions that are installed, configured and forgotten about. With time, network issues, aging equipment and tinkering with the system’s settings will cause a decline in performance. Continue reading “The Value Of Audio And Visual Support”