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What Is The Difference Between eCAP And InGlass Technologies?

Are all interactive flat panels made with the same touchscreen technology?

Interactive flat panel manufacturers have several options for their touchscreens, and as one might expect, they come with their positives and negatives. Newer touchscreens, though, are more responsive and more accurate than ever before, thanks to superior touchscreen engineering. Of these options, the most capable are technologies like eCAP and InGlass. Both detect gestures in a different manner, but both are effective in a variety of settings. Continue reading “What Is The Difference Between eCAP And InGlass Technologies?”

5 Things Your Audio Visual Management Should Have

How do AV integrators provide audio visual management?

Proper audio visual management ensures a prescribed AV solution is planned, executed and maintained correctly. Given the complexities involved in most AV systems, that level of management is essential. In fact, without experienced AV management, the solution often falls short of expectations. Continue reading “5 Things Your Audio Visual Management Should Have”

Finding Video Conference Hardware For Your Business

Polycom is setting the pace for video conference hardware

For decades, Polycom has developed video conference hardware and leading communications solutions for corporate clients. Though the industry is competitive, Polycom’s strong global presence makes it one of the most trusted names in video conferencing. The company’s hardware products offer a compelling collaboration experience and are easy to use. Continue reading “Finding Video Conference Hardware For Your Business”

What Are The Benefits Of A Sound Bar In The Workplace?

Sound bars boost audio clarity in some commercial settings

Though usually considered a consumer technology, sound bars are also effective in many commercial settings. That’s because a sound bar enhances audio quality, compared to a display’s onboard speakers, improving the flow and impact of meetings. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, audio quality is more important than video quality in how a meeting is perceived. That study found that people were more likely to consider a meeting productive if audio quality was high, even when video quality was marginal. A sound bar helps ensure this degree of audio quality, especially in smaller meeting spaces. Continue reading “What Are The Benefits Of A Sound Bar In The Workplace?”

What Is The Best Microphone For A Boardroom

Choosing the best microphone for a boardroom

Better boardroom audio means better presentations, so businesses should consider investing in updated microphone technology. According to the Association for Talent Development, a professional organization for trainers, multisensory presentations lead to better information recall and better engagement. In a boardroom setting, this means combining compelling visuals with crisp audio. Modern microphones make that crisp audio possible, and there are many to choose from, including microphone arrays. Continue reading “What Is The Best Microphone For A Boardroom”

Examples Of Challenging A/V Trends And Solutions

What challenges and trends are affecting the AV industry?

Every industry has its own challenges to face and problems to solve, and the AV industry is no different. Though the AV field is experiencing an extended run of growth, the competition is as fierce as it’s ever been, so the most successful integrators are those that are most adaptable. This is particularly true when considering the changing demographics of the AV customer market. Continue reading “Examples Of Challenging A/V Trends And Solutions”

How Is Corporate Training Technology Improving

Corporate training technology is constantly evolving. The ever-changing climate provides companies with plenty of opportunities, if they are willing to embrace a new way of training their employees. There are some compelling reasons for businesses to consider modern training technology. New training methods are more engaging, more efficient and more effective. Continue reading “How Is Corporate Training Technology Improving”

4 Types Of LED Sign Software Needed For Digital Signage

Digital DIsplay

LED sign software is the foundation of effective visual communications

LED sign software is what makes digital signage successful. The LED display is responsible for delivering the end product, but software is used to build layouts, integrate applications, program display schedules, control displays remotely and respond to data gathered in real time. With so many responsibilities, it’s important for companies find software that meets their objectives. Continue reading “4 Types Of LED Sign Software Needed For Digital Signage”

Do Your Conference Room Speakers Fit Your Businesses Needs?

Conference Room Speakers

Conference room speakers: Bringing the sound

Clear audio is essential to engaging an audience, and conference room speakers deliver that audio to everyone in attendance. Most people underestimate how difficult it is to get sound from one end of a meeting room to the other, clearly and concisely. Poor acoustics, ambient noise and an unfocused presenter can all adversely affect sound quality, but with the addition of conference room speakers, it is much easier to resolve these issues and improve the meeting experience. Continue reading “Do Your Conference Room Speakers Fit Your Businesses Needs?”

Conference Room Design Essentials

Every business needs a space for employees and clients to gather to work effectively and to foster its sense of community, so conference room design is critical to ensure that it can serve its many purposes. Thinking through those purposes at the outset will promote efficiency and save time and money in the future. Consider these factors to guarantee that the room will serve its needs and grow with the company. Continue reading “Conference Room Design Essentials”