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How Can Audio Enhancement Technology Assist With Distance Learning?

As the new school year approaches, educators are preparing for more distance learning, and looking to audio enhancement technology to improve their online lessons. With audio enhancement, students can hear the teacher better, whether that teacher is in the same room wearing a mask or delivering a lesson through a video. This has quantifiable benefits on a student’s ability to learn, as most people learn best when integrating visuals and sound together. Continue reading “How Can Audio Enhancement Technology Assist With Distance Learning?”

Why Businesses And Schools Should Be Using Conference Calling

What are the benefits of conference calling?

Conference calling is still an important form of communication for many businesses. According to Wainhouse Research, professionals participate in an average of five conference calls a week. That’s hundreds every year for just one professional, and thousands upon thousands every year for a company. Why is so much communication still being handled through conferencing calling? Continue reading “Why Businesses And Schools Should Be Using Conference Calling”

Why Should Businesses Consider An Audio Conferencing System?

Audio conferencing solutions provide excellent value to businesses, and especially those that rely on remote teams. According to research published by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs, more than 40 percent of businesses do just that. That same research projects that by 2028, about 75 percent of companies will offer remote work to some of their employees. This trend isn’t slowing down, which means audio conferencing systems are still as valuable and useful as ever. Continue reading “Why Should Businesses Consider An Audio Conferencing System?”

The Importance Of Audio Quality For Conference Calls

There’s no denying the power of the conference call, and there’s plenty of statistics to back this up. They are powerful tools for retaining talented employees, according to a Stanford University study. That study found that employee turnover dropped more than 50 percent when employees were allowed to work from home and collaborate through conference calls. Continue reading “The Importance Of Audio Quality For Conference Calls”

Audio Conferencing Solutions Are Still In Demand

Though video conferencing technology is on the rise, audio conferencing solutions remain useful and commonplace. According to a Wainhouse Research survey of IT decision makers, more than 40 percent stated that they engage in multiple audio conference calls every week. More than 25 percent said they use audio conferencing daily. Continue reading “Audio Conferencing Solutions Are Still In Demand”

Experience Better Communication With An Audio Conferencing System

AV Integrated Huddle Room

An audio conferencing system has immense potential in improving communication between teams and with meeting productivity. Audio conferencing technology has come a long way in the last 20 years, and modern versions offer excellent voice quality, ease of configuration and plenty of features. With any technology, though, it’s fair to ask if it’s worth investing in. As thousands of businesses have already discovered, audio conferencing is an extremely worthwhile investment. Continue reading “Experience Better Communication With An Audio Conferencing System”

How Does A Conference Microphone Make The Meeting Different

A conference room microphone has to be easy enough for anyone to use, sensitive enough to pick up audio from any direction, and be high-quality to preserve crystal clear audio for the other end of the call. Such devices are usually only available through an audio expert, as they know how to select and set up high quality devices in any space. An AV integration company is the ideal expert in this regard, as they can integrate multiple communication technologies into a single space. Continue reading “How Does A Conference Microphone Make The Meeting Different”

Benefits Of Installing Audio Conferencing Equipment

With the right audio conferencing equipment, a company or organization can greatly reduce their travel costs and reduce the time it takes to plan and execute initiatives. And there are plenty of options to choose from, so companies can get a system that fits their needs perfectly. Data Projections can assist with the setup process, no matter the scale or intended use of the new system. Continue reading “Benefits Of Installing Audio Conferencing Equipment”