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What Is Protect98 And How Does It Work?

Technological advances are changing the way we live life daily, especially in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Whether it is to facilitate social reintegration at public establishments amidst COVID-19 or to act as an added measure of security, the Protect98 digital platform is designed to assist with both. This device allows for contactless profile scanning to determine an individual’s temperature, the presence of a protective facial mask, and facial recognition.

Protect98 is a new wave of technology created to help businesses manage day to day operations with valuable peace of mind. Learn what it does, how it works, and how it might fit into your present business culture.

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Are Conference Room Microphones Necessary?


Conference room microphones are absolutely necessary because people respond negatively to poor audio quality. In fact, it’s worse than that, according to a study published by the University of South California and the Australian National University. The study determined that poor audio quality sabotages a meeting and makes the speaker appear less likeable, less intelligent and what they’re saying less important.

Research studies aren’t needed to demonstrate the importance of audio quality, though. Consider that during a video conference, a slight hit to video quality may mean little, especially if everyone can still make out things like gestures and body language. However, even a small drop in audio quality will mean some words are missed, some ideas miscommunicated, and that’s all it takes to ruin a conference. Continue reading “Are Conference Room Microphones Necessary?”

When Should A Business Consider An Audio Visual Projector?

An audio and visual projector offers several advantages for business meetings and presentations. Projection technology is popular for its cost-effectiveness, and it’s capable of producing images with a diagonal as long as 300 inches. Projection systems are also compact, require little work to install, and are durable enough to hold up over the long haul. Continue reading “When Should A Business Consider An Audio Visual Projector?”

What Are The Benefits Of A Sound Bar In The Workplace?

Sound bars boost audio clarity in some commercial settings

Though usually considered a consumer technology, sound bars are also effective in many commercial settings. That’s because a sound bar enhances audio quality, compared to a display’s onboard speakers, improving the flow and impact of meetings. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, audio quality is more important than video quality in how a meeting is perceived. That study found that people were more likely to consider a meeting productive if audio quality was high, even when video quality was marginal. A sound bar helps ensure this degree of audio quality, especially in smaller meeting spaces. Continue reading “What Are The Benefits Of A Sound Bar In The Workplace?”

What Is The Best Microphone For A Boardroom

AV Integrated Boardroom

Choosing the best microphone for a boardroom

Better boardroom audio means better presentations, so businesses should consider investing in updated microphone technology. According to the Association for Talent Development, a professional organization for trainers, multisensory presentations lead to better information recall and better engagement. In a boardroom setting, this means combining compelling visuals with crisp audio. Modern microphones make that crisp audio possible, and there are many to choose from, including microphone arrays. Continue reading “What Is The Best Microphone For A Boardroom”

Do Your Conference Room Speakers Fit Your Business’s Needs?

Conference Room Speakers

Conference room speakers: Bringing the sound

Clear audio is essential to engaging an audience, and conference room speakers deliver that audio to everyone in attendance. Most people underestimate how difficult it is to get sound from one end of a meeting room to the other, clearly and concisely. Poor acoustics, ambient noise and an unfocused presenter can all adversely affect sound quality, but with the addition of conference room speakers, it is much easier to resolve these issues and improve the meeting experience. Continue reading “Do Your Conference Room Speakers Fit Your Business’s Needs?”

How The Clever Message App Can Improve A School Or Business

Instant, clear communication with the Clever Message App

The Clevertouch is already a clear winner in lesson and presentation delivery, and the Clever Message app is making relaying messages even faster. When education or commercial institutions integrate the Clevertouch into their operations, they often set up several of the panels around the facility, perhaps one in every classroom or meeting room. With a network of interactive flat panels in place, they have considerable potential in delivering important communications to many groups at once. Since Clever Message is included in all Clevertouch purchases, your investment is enriched with a practical application that all institutions are considering for digital signage. Continue reading “How The Clever Message App Can Improve A School Or Business”

Is Your Network Ready For The Future?

Multi Person Video Conferencing

Is your company’s network ready for the future of A/V technology?

When considering whether your network is ready for the future, the primary factor is bandwidth. Backbone A/V technologies, including video conferencing systems, have improved greatly in recent years, but those improvements in call quality come with a bandwidth tradeoff. High definition video makes significant demands on a network, including enterprise networks that are churning through mountains of data every day. Insufficient bandwidth is a common issue among companies, then, and a lack of bandwidth can bring video calls, among other data-using services, to a halt. While that’s unacceptable, it is avoidable. With a deep analysis of the company’s data usage, it’s elementary for companies to make the needed upgrades or the needed reductions in usage. Continue reading “Is Your Network Ready For The Future?”

Why Should You Have A Service Agreement After Your Installation?

A/V installation is only the beginning


Hours have been poured into planning and days spent on installation, so now that the new A/V system is in place, why not protect that investment? A service agreement through a reputable integrator is what will keep that technology running and optimized. Even the most intelligently planned and installed A/V system will eventually experience some form of failure. While it may happen when nothing critical is going on, it may also happen the day before the CEO is set to make an address to the entire company. Not a good look. Continue reading “Why Should You Have A Service Agreement After Your Installation?”