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Edge Blending With Projectors

For some applications, a single projector just may not cut it. It’s axiomatic that people prefer larger, more dramatically shaped images. Going strongly horizontal or vertical is a simple way to execute an impactful look, but it does take a little fine tuning to get it right. Fortunately, modern projectors are designed to facilitate edge blending modes, so a little fine tuning is all it takes. And edge blending is typically only needed when the image is displayed on a surface that can be best described as environmentally neutral. Continue reading “Edge Blending With Projectors”

Finding Conference Room Microphone Systems That Fit Your Business

From entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 100’s, effective communication matters.

We now live in a mobile society. Many people are taking conference calls from the road and from airports or in any number of other types of noisy venues where there is background interference. If they can’t hear you, the point of your conference call is lost. Continue reading “Finding Conference Room Microphone Systems That Fit Your Business”

How To Select An Effective Video Conferencing Camera For A Business?

There are many considerations when looking to upgrade a video conferencing camera. All aspects of the collaboration room must be taken into account so the camera can effectively do its job. The brightness of the room, the clarity of picture and sound, and the quality of face-to-face interactions are details that must be considered when it comes to the effectiveness and productivity of the video conference. Continue reading “How To Select An Effective Video Conferencing Camera For A Business?”