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5 Advantages Of Using Digital Signage For Business Signs

How has digital technology made business signs more successful?

Digital technology has supercharged business signs, as they are more engaging, more memorable and more cost-effective. According to the Small Business Association (SBA), it only costs 15 cents to get an ad in front of 1,000 people when using an LED sign. Newspapers ($7.39 per 1,000 people) and radio ($5.00 per 1,000 people) cost much more, and those mediums don’t have the advantage of compelling imagery to help the advertisement.

A study in Sweden also illustrates the power of digital signage. According to the study, people were more attracted to digital signs and looked at them longer than other forms of signage. The study’s respondents were also able to recall the specific ad on the digital billboard they passed more than half the time. Those are major advantages in digital signage’s favor, but they aren’t the only ones. Continue reading “5 Advantages Of Using Digital Signage For Business Signs”

What Are The Advantages Of An Outdoor LED Display?

Digital signage, including LED billboards, are more engaging and more memorable, according to Nielsen Research. The legendary research firm surveyed consumers and found that 60 percent remembered seeing a digital billboard ad in the last week. Nielsen also found that 42 percent of consumers could recall a particular ad they saw on a digital billboard. Outdoor advertising is only behind internet ads in terms of year over year growth, so digital billboards are a particularly effective option for advertisers.

Continue reading “What Are The Advantages Of An Outdoor LED Display?”

How Effective Is Interactive Digital Signage?

Digital Display Wall

Interactive digital signage is a promising technology because people respond to it well, and it is only limited by the user’s creativity. Consider this: In 2013, the most viewed story on the New York Times’ website was an interactive quiz (the subject was on regional dialects), which shows that people are more willing to respond to an interactive experience. Continue reading “How Effective Is Interactive Digital Signage?”

We Are Evaluating Multiple Interactive Flat Panels – What Are The Features And The Functionality That We Should Be Looking For And Comparing?

Digital DIsplay

An Interactive Flat Panel Allows You to do More with Your Display

Interactivity adds a new dimension to meetings, lectures and training sessions, and interactive flat panels delivers material in a compelling way. It’s a technology that sells itself, as market research firm Futuresource confirms. According to its data, interactive flat panels represented more than 80 percent of interactive display sales in 2018. It’s quickly pushing aside other interactive display technologies, in other words. Continue reading “We Are Evaluating Multiple Interactive Flat Panels – What Are The Features And The Functionality That We Should Be Looking For And Comparing?”

What Difference Does Flat Panels In Education Make

Using Clevertouch In School

Interactivity is essential for flat panels used in education

Interactive flat panels were made for education, as they encourage students to learn in ways that promote retention and engagement. Educators already know the power of collaboration in the classroom, which is why group projects are still a reliable teaching method. According to a student survey published in EdTech Magazine, collaboration in the classroom resulted in students being 13 percent more likely to feel confident speaking during class discussions, while the survey also found significant boots in social-emotional and communication development. Continue reading “What Difference Does Flat Panels In Education Make”

What Are The Most Important Features To Look For When Evaluating Interactive Displays?

AV Integrated Conference Room

Interactive displays are already found in conference rooms and classrooms around the country, and they are only growing in popularity. According to research compiled by Furturesource Consulting, 75 percent of U.S. classrooms are operating an interactive display, and many of the early adopting school districts are upgrading to interactive flat panels, which now make up 84 percent of all interactive display sales. There’s several good reasons for that, as interactive flat panels are more vivid, easier to control and easier to maintain. Continue reading “What Are The Most Important Features To Look For When Evaluating Interactive Displays?”

How Can Businesses Utilize A Digital Display

Digital DIsplay

A Digital Display is the Ideal Way to Deliver Information

Digital displays perform better than all other display mediums in terms of capturing attention, delivering memorable information and enhancing productivity. According to a study funded and published by the Intel Corporation, digital displays are 400 percent more likely to attract someone’s attention than static display options. That same study also determined that digital displays are excellent at making a memorable impact, as their recall rate is above 80 percent. That’s far beyond what static displays can offer. Continue reading “How Can Businesses Utilize A Digital Display”

Upgrading Your Display Technology With Direct View LED Positioning

Video Wall

Direct view LED is the next step for display technology

Display engineering is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and direct view LED positioning is vital with this type of display technology. Compared to other display technologies, direct view LED positioning brings superior reliability, image brightness and vividness, scalability and aesthetics. Continue reading “Upgrading Your Display Technology With Direct View LED Positioning”