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How Do Video Conferencing Systems Support A Distributed Workforce?

Video conferencing systems solve the communication problems that are common to distributed workforces. It’s difficult to maintain productive communications with remote employees, as the important nonverbal cues, like body language and facial expressions are unable to be seen. Video conferencing brings these nonverbal cues back into the conversation, which keeps a distributed workforce unified and collaborating. Continue reading “How Do Video Conferencing Systems Support A Distributed Workforce?”

Web Conferencing Has Changed How Businesses Do Meetings

Video Conferencing

According to a survey arranged by Poly (formerly Polycom), professionals that have adopted web conferencing use it at least once a week for their meetings. In that same survey, 96 percent of respondents said that web conferencing improves productivity with remote teams. This meeting method has revolutionized the way people communicate, especially in a professional setting, and everyone benefits from the technology – including professionals, employers and potential clients. Continue reading “Web Conferencing Has Changed How Businesses Do Meetings”

There’s More Than One Way To Set Up Video Conference Rooms

Conference Room

There are endless options on setting up video conference rooms. Which one works best for your company will depend on the size of the room, how frequently conferencing technology is used, the room’s acoustics and the kind of technology your team is comfortable with. Video conference room setups range from the minimalist, single-display approach found in huddle rooms to immersive telepresence systems that may look like they belong in a sci-fi movie. Continue reading “There’s More Than One Way To Set Up Video Conference Rooms”

What Benefits Does IP Video Conferencing Offer?

AV Integrated Conference Room

What is IP video conferencing?

IP video conferencing is a proven productivity booster that is no longer a distant priority for most businesses. Companies, schools and other organizations rely on this technology to improve collaboration, ensuring they get the most out of every meeting. Continue reading “What Benefits Does IP Video Conferencing Offer?”

What Is Soft Codec?

What is a soft codec?

A soft codec is a codec that comes in software form. It sounds simple enough, but the technology is revolutionary. Soft codecs make it possible for organizations to communicate and collaborate efficiently, whether that communication takes place between coworkers, or with an organization on the other side of the globe. Continue reading “What Is Soft Codec?”

Finding Video Conference Hardware For Your Business

Polycom Video Conferencing

Polycom is setting the pace for video conference hardware

For decades, Polycom has developed video conference hardware and leading communications solutions for corporate clients. Though the industry is competitive, Polycom’s strong global presence makes it one of the most trusted names in video conferencing. The company’s hardware products offer a compelling collaboration experience and are easy to use. Continue reading “Finding Video Conference Hardware For Your Business”

How Do We Make Video Over IP Work With Less Latency?

Conference Room

Achieving low latency video streaming and broadcasting is something that content creators and organizations are after in full force. There are plenty of situations where a low latency stream is desirable, even necessary for an application. Content creators, like those that populate Youtube, Twitch and the like, want their audience to get the live stream with little delay, as this facilitates communication between host and audience. Continue reading “How Do We Make Video Over IP Work With Less Latency?”

Why A TV Is Not A Monitor

Are commercial monitors and consumer TVs interchangeable?

They may look the same and appear to function the same, but commercial monitors and consumer TVs are built with entirely different capabilities. One of the most common technology mistakes A/V integrators see is a client using a flat screen TV in a commercial role. Many choose this route because commercial monitors cost quite a bit more than some big box TVs, but this is one instance where the buyer gets what they pay for. When businesses skimp on their digital displays, they are setting themselves up for frustration and added costs, even though they saved money up front with the TV. Continue reading “Why A TV Is Not A Monitor”

Why Apple TV Is Designed For Your Living Room Rather Than The Boardroom

Apple TV is one of several streaming boxes that promises to liberate people from the tyranny of basic cable. Apple has gone a step further, though, producing a version intended for enterprise use. In a professional context, this means enabling features like screen sharing and virtual meetings. Superficially, Apple TV may seem like an ideal choice for business leaders, as Apple is known for its slick interfaces and quality products. Surely, Apple TV is a continuation of these design principles, right? Continue reading “Why Apple TV Is Designed For Your Living Room Rather Than The Boardroom”