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CleverTouch Digital Boards Are Increasingly Popular In A Number Of Settings

CleverTouch digital boards cause a stir whenever and wherever they’re installed. This is because of the sheer potential they unleash, which is nothing short of a revolution for businesses and classrooms alike.

In the so-called smart board era, schools have become accustomed to working around the limitations of the technology provided for them. It can be a sudden shock to have access to such an easy to use and powerful tool for everyday classroom use.

In business and education environments alike, CleverTouch digital boards provide limitless potential for presentations. With these devices, it’s possible to make every presentation one to remember.

Popular Features of CleverTouch

* Full touch screen and gesture control: With intuitive touch screen and gesture-based controls, gestures that students, instructors, and employees are already familiar with are used to control the device. Closing programs is just a matter of flicking a finger upward on the screen, much like the smart phones and tablets that are so commonly used today.

* Integrated Android OS: CleverTouch digital boards use either an integrated Android-based operating system or CleverTouch’s own LUX operating system, providing top of the line features, performance, and stability that only the most advanced operating systems can provide. Both operating systems allow users to take full advantage of everything the hardware provides.

* Toughened anti-glare glass: These devices featured a tough, anti-glare glass surface. Glare has long been an issue for business meetings and educational environments. These devices eliminate this problem. Additionally, the strengthened glass ensures longevity for the boards, year after year.

* HD Resolution: CleverTouch digital boards feature high definition resolution. This feature is extremely important for both display purposes and general use, allowing for precision and clarity during presentations. Nothing remains hazy with definition this high. Models range from 1080p full HD to 4K Ultra HD. Screen sizes range from 55” to 84”, depending on the model.

* Multiple touch points: Unlike the low-tech display devices of yore, these boards support from 10 to 20 simultaneous touch points on the screen at one time (depending on model). This means that models can handle up to 10 or 20 points of contact on the screen at once (for example, 10 fingers or 10 pens).

Installation of the boards is easy: simply open the box, attach power, and it’s ready to go. The hardware is freely capable of connecting to WiFi sources and can accept USB plugins. This allows for easy plug-and-play presentations without lengthy setup processes. The hardware is also fast, swiftly and seamlessly playing high-definition content.

CleverTouch digital boards are currently available in four models, each designed for express purposes:

  1. The V-Series, for education and business purposes
  2. The Plus, intended for education purposes
  3. The Plus 4K, also intended for education purposes but with the benefit of 4K resolution
  4. The Pro, intended for higher education and business purposes

For additional information and any questions regarding what may be best for an organization’s specific needs, please contact the professionals at Data Projections for a consultation.