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Selecting The Right Conference Equipment For Your Business

Audio Video Enabled Conference RoomThe right conference equipment will make meetings and presentations run smoothly, increase workflow and productivity, and have a nice impact on the bottom-line. Using state-of-the-art devices and connectivity brings conferences into the modern age, where communication and collaboration come together to benefit from a variety of technologies. Implementing text, email, and video solutions, along with document editing on the fly, makes a conference truly collaborative. Participants are encouraged to brainstorm, exchange information, and generate ideas.

Upgrading or installing new equipment may seem like a costly endeavor, but in the end, it is a wise and worthwhile investment. Not every situation needs the full range of available conference equipment solutions. However, selecting the right technology can help create a highly productive collaborative environment. When planning upgrades, several factors should be considered before purchasing or leasing new equipment.

Viewing Content Clearly – There is nothing quite so limiting as attending a conference and not having a clear view of the presentation. It is unproductive and highly frustrating.

Data Sharing – The ability to share text, graphic images, spreadsheets, video, and other data in real time.

Creating and Editing Documents – When attendees can set up and revise documents during the conference, and then share them, the event becomes a collaborative effort and actual work is accomplished.

Saving Documents – Those same documents need to be saved so they can be accessed and used by all pertinent parties.

Display Panels – High definition flat-panel displays offer a significantly larger viewing area than computer screens and have an exceptionally clear, bright image compared to projection screens.

Audio/Video Conferencing – For companies that meet with clients or employees in different geographic locations, conference equipment comprised of phones, microphones, and video cameras bring everyone together in the same place.

Interactive Displays – Interactive displays will take a conference to the next level. The display is connected to a computer and the information or presentation displayed can be manipulated as the user sees fit. Data can be sorted, copied, and grouped, as well as edited and shared remotely.

Control Systems – A control system is needed to run conference equipment. This is a simple to use tool that brings all of the various devices and software under one umbrella.

Today’s conference equipment has come a long way from whiteboards, overhead projectors, and pull-down screens. It has evolved into sophisticated, highly efficient communications technology that melds a wide assortment of hardware and software together. Data Projections is a full-service communication and collaboration technology integration company. For help in selection, implementation, and managing communication solutions, contact one of our engineers for an assessment or any questions. Whether it is a conference in a small boardroom or a seminar in a hotel auditorium, the goal is effective communication.