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What Makes For The Best Video Conferencing Software

Searching for the best video conferencing software is something that every organization with video conferencing capabilities considers sooner or later.

Whether this is because the remote meeting programs that an organization currently uses leaves something to be desired or simply due to a healthy curiosity, there are no shortages of programs and services out there that are all too happy to replace any default programs that may have come bundled with a system. Of course, in some circumstances, remote meeting hardware may not come with software at all, in which case finding the best video conferencing software is an absolute necessity. Whatever an organization’s circumstance, chances are that there’s superior software out there waiting to be discovered.

No Shortage of Options 

When looking for the best video conferencing software the first thing that one will realize is that there is certainly no shortage of options available. In fact, PC Magazine’s article titled The Best Video Conference Software of 2016 lists no less than ten commonly used remote meeting programs.

Exactly what can be considered the best will of course first and foremost depend on the needs and technical capabilities of an organization. Not every organization is going to use every feature, and some companies employ remote meeting devices far more often than others.

Still, as PC Magazine appears to imply, for most companies it’s wise to go with the software that approaches remote meetings in the most comprehensive and approachable manner. After all, many organizations may not be using certain features, such as desktop sharing, simply because they’re unaware that they are a possibility.

Consulting an A/V Integrator 

With so many options available, consulting with a professional A/V integrator may be the best place to start. An A/V integrator will be able to assess a company’s current setup and discuss the possibilities in a holistic manner, considering the limits of what a company’s current systems allow while comparing them to options that the software provides. By discussing a company’s needs with an experienced A/V integrator, one may be surprised by how far the possibilities can really go.

Ultimately the best video conferencing software is going to be the one that is most compatible with one’s setup and at the same time offers the flexibility that an organization needs for regular remote meeting operations. That said, in 2016, PC Magazine awarded Polish company’s Clickmeeting’s software of the same name with its Editor’s Choice award. PC Magazine’s choice is based on a variety of factors placed in a matrix but also the general usability of the software.

While an organization’s mileage may vary, many remote meeting programs suffer from usability issues, and PC Magazine stresses their choice’s overcoming of that factor.

While the best video conferencing software is going to be a subjective call on the part of an organization dependent on a variety of elements, the extensive review of major conferencing software is certainly something to consider before making a decision, and even something to discuss when consulting an A/V integrator.