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Why Get A Conference Room Design By An Audio Visual Expert

That meeting space has been sitting there for weeks and gathering dust, so why not get better use out of it with a comprehensive conference room design? AV integrators are experts at transforming these spaces into a communications hub, allowing company personnel to connect with each other and with people around the world. It’s no secret that the businesses that communicate better perform better, so by implementing modern audio and video technology into a meeting space, a company is making a meaningful investment.

What can an AV integrator offer as part of a conference room design?

If a company only needs to improve its in-house communications, then the addition of video displays, a projector, or an interactive whiteboard can make a big difference. Video displays or a projector tied to a PC or other device allows managers to deliver presentations and training materials to new hires. Video technology can also be used to display a variety of media, including graphics and animation. This is ideal for companies that use drafting or schematic drawings, as they can be displayed prior to finalization. Even concept drawings can be studied closely with a quality display. An interactive whiteboard has excellent potential in improving meeting efficacy, as it allows a presenter to use software in novel ways to show off data or graphics. An interactive whiteboard is ideal for training purposes, as it allows trainees to guess at questions, and can even be used for anonymous polling when devising an action plan.

For companies that need to reach out, though, a conference room design needs to offer a convenient way to interface with others. Video and audio conferencing technology makes this possible, and modern video interfacing can provide excellent visual quality. The early iterations of the technology looked more like a slideshow, but now companies can talk with partners and clients all over the world, and at a natural framerate that facilitates meaningful conversation. Video calls provide an extra connection that a simple phone call cannot match. Seeing and interacting with a partner ensures a better working relationship and improves recall following the conversation. An AV integrator can provide the necessary infrastructure, including high definition cameras and displays. Audio is supplied through high-quality microphones positioned around the space. A set of speakers fills the area with sound, so everyone can hear the conversation clearly.

In addition to cutting down travel costs and facilitating instant communication, a conference room design can connect several people into a single call. Multiple partners can work out a joint venture, or several managers can organize their work so that the company runs efficiently. This alone can save a company a lot of time, and therefore a lot of money.

An AV expert is the go-to person to contact when it’s time to upgrade a meeting space. In just a matter of days, a company can re imagine the way they communicate with others.