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A Conference Room Microphone Is A Vital Link In The Communications Chain

The importance of a high-quality, state-of-the-art conference room microphone simply cannot be overstressed. It does not matter if it is a two-way conference call or a multiple location sales meeting, if a speaker cannot be heard or clearly understood, no amount of HD video clarity will make a difference. The only way to prevent embarrassing and potentially damaging situations resulting from poor microphone quality is to avoid poor quality microphones at all costs. Skimping on this important piece of conferencing equipment to save money or because there isn’t a clear understanding of the appropriate technology, can cause serious problems in communication. For help, consult with companies that have years of experience in the video conferencing industry. Firms such as Data Projections have highly trained engineers and technicians who will be happy to help put the proper technology in place to fit a companies’ requirements and budget.

What Types of Conference Room Microphone Solutions Are Available?

  • Gooseneck microphones – Gets the mic even closer to the talker, but has an adverse impact on aesthetic appeal in the room.
  • Omni-Directional – An on-directional conference room microphone picks up any sound in its vicinity. AC, ambient noise, whispered conversations, all come through. An omnidirectional mic captures 360 degrees of audio.
  • Cardioid microphones – Captures the speaker’s voice while reducing unintended sounds. Since one mic covers one or two seats, the “signal to noise ratio” is superior to that of an omnidirectional.
  • Ceiling-Mounted Microphones – Ceiling mics occupy zero table space. This is ideal for a meeting that requires maps, plans, or documents to be spread out on the table.
  • Wireless Microphones – Wireless mics transmit as radio waves. Sound quality for wireless is less of an issue, and there is no need for cabling.

A Conferencing System is Only as Good as its Weakest Link

As mentioned earlier, skimping on a conference room microphone or any part of a conferencing system can lead to problems in audio clarity. It is wise to make the investment in the best equipment for the need at hand. It is also advisable to look to the future and expansion of the system to coincide with company growth. That is where a company such as Data Projections is so valuable. Their engineers will design the ideal setup for a firm’s requirements with an eye towards future growth. They will devise and implement a system that is user-friendly, exceeds requirements and is easily upgradable when the time is right. Also, they offer ongoing service and support and training on the operation of the system. Choosing the right mic is not as easy at is may seem. There are a broad variety of types and styles for different scenarios. That is why it makes sense to seek professional help.

Picking the Right Microphone Solution

The tendency may be to bring in the IT department for assistance, and while knowledgeable about many things, they usually lack experience in mic selection. Conference rooms, boardrooms, and huddle rooms, depending on how they are used, require different conference room microphone setups to best capture audio. There is not a “one size fits all” option. Every room is different and requires analysis by a professional for the best results.