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Environmental Control Systems Can Positively Impact A Space

Environmental control systems can be customized for nearly any setting, including meeting rooms, corporate offices, classrooms, lecture halls, hotel rooms, and even the home. Their incredible versatility means that no two are exactly alike, which can make a space feel unique and tailored to the user’s identity. A/V integrators are specialized in this technology, and can oversee every part of the project’s implementation. This includes selecting the right equipment and interface technology, as well as customizing the interface so that it is easy to use and only offers the functions the user wants. An integrator can even set up multiple profiles for settings where several people may share use of the technology.

What can environmental control systems do for a space?

Any component of the room that is wired to the building can be managed through this technology. Specifically, here are a few examples of how a customized interface can be used:

  • In business meeting rooms – Some companies are content to just use a room “as is” when putting together a meeting. However, other businesses make use of conferencing equipment that requires optimal lighting and acoustics. And equipment like projectors or interactive whiteboards may be employed during a meeting. With a single button press, a custom interface can set the perfect level of lighting, shield the space from exterior sounds, and expose additional equipment like projectors for use.
  • In classrooms and lecture halls – An increasing number of schools and universities are taking advantage of interactive whiteboards, quality digital displays, document cameras, and other A/V solutions that enhance engagement and learning. A teacher can control this equipment through a custom interface, establishing the ideal conditions for teaching and ensuring that everyone can see and hear the lesson, even when there are hundreds of students in the same room.
  • In hotel rooms – Luxury hotels are turning to environmental control systems to give their guests easy to access options. Guests in a new space may have trouble setting a desired temperature or figuring out how to order room service. A custom interface provides a single, streamlined method for handling everything from thermostat changes to contacting hotel representatives for various services. Not only is this much more convenient for the guest, it will likely lead to guests opting for hotel services more often.
  • In the home – The home is where A/V integrators can get creative with the technology. As soon as a homeowner gets home from work, they can use the interface to manage light levels in every room, raise or drop shutters, lock or unlock doors, set the desired temperature, access audio and video equipment, play music, light the fireplace and anything else a homeowner can think of. Some homeowners, for example, keep a projector in the kitchen that presents an image of a recipe, making it much easier to prepare dinner. Environmental control systems can be used to manage such equipment.

When implemented by an experienced A/V integrator, environmental control systems can bring the future to a client, and give them complete power over how their space looks and feels.