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Polycom Video Conferencing Equipment Offers A Wide Variety Of Solutions

Polycom video conferencing equipment is an ideal solution for a wide variety of everyday problems encountered in business, government, and non-profit environments. Whether an organization operates out of a conference room, huddle space, or only meets informally, organizations have long had an issue with one of the primary elements of doing business: keeping in touch, promoting collaboration, and facilitating communication.

Polycom video conferencing equipment dissolves the barriers that once divided coworkers and collaborators. These solutions open the door to communication wherever people may be—regardless of their time zone, location, or surroundings. Escape the restrictions of scheduled conferencing and move into the world of limitless approaches: experience the benefits that come with the cutting-edge of conferencing equipment and connect anytime and anywhere.

New Solutions for Old Problems

Innovating since its founding in 1990, Polycom is well known as an industry leader throughout the telecommunications industry. The company offers, as it puts it, video collaboration solutions. And these solutions are not mere footnotes: for many years, numerous organizations have dedicated vast resources to facilitate communication and collaboration among employees.

In the past, the board room model dominated industries throughout the United States. This model was developed to facilitate communication by drawing everyone into a common space, the classic boardroom. Yet while this model was conceived as a solution, it ushered in a variety of new problems. For example, the antiquated boardroom model is well-known for its inflexibility: the model requires everyone to be in one place at one time and leads to an infamously unappealing, lecture-like environment.

Polycom video conferencing equipment allows for communication from anywhere and at any time. With these flexible tools, there’s no longer any need for an iron-clad schedule, nor the business of herding employees and associates into a common space. And while meetings are digital, they remain face-to-face by way of advanced telecommunication systems. This sets the stage for high-definition, vibrant, and real-time analyses and collaboration.

And collaboration is an area where this technology and equipment really shines. Polycom’s hardware and software is designed to encourage people to work together and brainstorm—to produce the innovative ideas and solutions that will lead a team forward and give an organization the advantage it needs to achieve its goals.

Consult with the Professionals

To find out what Polycom video conferencing equipment can offer an organization, the first step is to contact the seasoned audio-visual integration experts at Data Projections. Drawing from nearly a quarter century of tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of clients, both big and small, Data Projections treats every client as what they are: individuals. With a service-focused philosophy and the technical know-how necessary to efficiently and elegantly assist any company with their audio-visual integration needs, Data Projections always looks forward to discussing the possibilities.