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What Unified Communications & Collaborations Looks Like When Done Right By An AV Professional

unified communications room

Unified communications and collaboration, or UCC, refers to a layer of infrastructure within a company or organization that facilitates content sharing and presentation between employees. UCC has been around for years, and AV solutions have slowly become more relevant to UCC initiatives. Traditionally, UCC systems were implemented by IT personnel solely, and the interaction between IT and AV professionals on a project was lacking. This is no longer the case, though, and AV experts are considered a crucial part of every project. That’s because AV experts not only have valuable techniques and technology to optimize a UCC project, they can also overcome common concerns that come up when setting up the system.

How can AV professionals assist with unified communications and collaboration?

AV and IT experts typically have to work together to create an effective UCC solution, especially if the system will be designed at an enterprise level. AV experts play a significant role in the design and installation process, as well as monitoring the system post-installation to determine its efficacy. Some of the reasons why companies should look to AV experts include:

  • An AV expert has access to the most modern and effective audio and video technology available. As a UCC system, at its heart, is about the exchange of audio and visual data to link people together, it is essential that companies have a capable audio and video professional on hand to make smart technological decisions and ensure such data is handled with the proper codecs and software.
  • An AV expert can troubleshoot and overcome some common problems associated with unified communications and collaboration Poor audio and video quality are often obstacles facing UCC installers, and AV experts’ experience with both audio and video gives them the edge in solving these issues. Perhaps it is as simple as setting up task lighting or echo cancellation software, but it may also take switching out UCC hardware or software to get a better fit.
  • An AV expert is especially important for enterprise level projects, as such projects are typically integrated into a room as a cohesive communications system. This often means tying audio and video conferencing equipment together with the room’s lighting and acoustics. It also means selecting the right data handling software and output technology to ensure total immersion into a call.
  • An AV expert can help an organization better plan their system out and ensure they are getting what they need from it. Unified communications and collaboration projects are significant undertakings and require a financial and effort investment. An AV professional can help assess these costs more accurately and help a company make an informed decision about the project. And once it is installed, an AV expert can track its performance using various metrics and determine which areas need improvements, if any.

UCC initiatives are one of the surest ways to increase a company’s productivity, and its impact can be even greater if an AV expert is assisting during the process.