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Digital Signage Displays Have Changed Our Advertising Abilities

With the advent of digital signage displays, traditional advertising had taken a backseat to modern trends. While some elements of static ad strategies have remained, merely trying to attract attention to a product is a thing of the past. For one thing, the target market has undergone some serious changes. The age versus disposable income demographic has trended downward. The individuals that are spending money have grown up surrounded by technology that allows them to interact with every form of medium from film making to advertising. This group expects to be engaged, and frankly, blown away. Anything less and a company may as well rely on a Yellow Page ad. There is a bombardment of information delivered to every connected device, and if a firm that sells goods or services expects to compete, they must create an enjoyable user-experience-focused marketing campaign. The sophisticated and tech savvy customer expects tailored content based on predictive behavior as a matter of course.

A company must provide the potential customer the appropriate data couched seamlessly in an unusual advertising experience to maximize revenue. Digital signage displays are an elegant and exciting solution to this hurdle. They incorporate technology that allows for the delivery of information relevant to the consumer and that will pique their interest. The message and its impact are limited only by the creativity of the ad.

Video Has a Huge Impact

Video has mostly killed the print medium. Even on websites, content is delivered more and more by video rather than text. Millennials cut their teeth on sites such as YouTube, and others. As a result, conventional sources are falling by the wayside. Integrating video in the digital marketing arsenal is a must for anyone who is trying to reach nearly 80 million millennials and their disposable income. Digital signage displays are a literal game changer. Interactive touch screens are driving the market and reaching people on a level that they understand, and more importantly, a level they prefer.

Customer Interaction

This century has become largely about interactivity. Interactivity can be awe-inspiring and fun. The customer becomes part of the experience versus a “target” for advertising. Interactive digital displays allow interaction between the customer and the company providing the goods. It is a matter of presenting creative content through audio, video, and text that the client can manipulate on the spot to get information that suits their wants and needs. A great customer experience leads to a loyal consumer base.

Digital signage displays can kick a marketing campaign into high gear. It is an efficient method for informing while entertaining consumers. A variety of platforms can be brought together, combing news feeds, weather, social media, video clips, and more, that enhance the user experience. Make the interactive experience one that that rocks, and the results will be an increased customer base.

The technology that drives digital signage displays has been evolving and has become equal to the task of delivering excellent interactive content. Content needs to remain relevant and on focus. Users like to manipulate great content in a fun way. It is not so much about flash, but more about getting to the point. It should be quick, easy to search, easy to navigate, and intuitive, offering a literal hands-on experience. In the end, this technology is about providing value.

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