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Why Is A Digital Signage Solution The Best Choice For A Company

A digital signage solution is a smart addition for many companies, regardless of what they do or sell. Print displays have been an advertising staple for centuries, but it’s time for companies to consider alternatives. With so many distractions, print advertising no longer has the attention-grabbing quality it once did. Now, people are more tuned into technology, and are much more likely to notice a high-quality digital display. This is helped by the fact that displays can output much more brilliant colors and animation, giving them an edge over other forms of advertising.

Why is a digital signage solution the best choice for a company?

In addition to just being more attractive, displays offer a much greater range of capabilities than print advertising. Specifically, some of the extra benefits that come with a display include:

  • Much faster implementation. Unlike print advertising, which has to be manually placed, or even manually designed on a surface, layout designers can instantly upload their work to a display with a couple button presses. This allows for much faster implementation, which is ideal for companies that engage in time-sensitive advertising.
  • Unmatched versatility. Speaking of time-sensitive advertising, displays can open up a new way of advertising anything that is only available for a short time. For example, a radio station may want to advertise to those commuting. It can effectively do so by changing the message for the appropriate time of day. With print advertising, this is clearly impossible, but a digital signage solution allows advertisers to vary their layouts as needed.
  • Reduced waste and operating costs. Print advertising is quickly made obsolete, and when it is no longer relevant, it has to be replaced. When working with a display, though, all a layout designer has to do is make a new file and upload it. No need for paper waste and extra purchases.
  • Make instant changes across all advertising locations. A company’s displays are all networked together, so when a mistake is spotted or when it’s time to make a change, the system operator can make the change to every display at once, making it extremely efficient and effective.
  • Provide interactivity. Displays can be linked to interactive content, and this can make for a memorable experience. Interactive content is ideal for reducing perceived wait times and for linking a positive message with the brand. This is another capability that print advertising cannot match.
  • Reduced marketing overhead. In general, it takes fewer people to manage display advertising than print advertising, as all content can be produced from a central location. This means lower operating costs.

And this is just the start. A digital signage solution can be impressively versatile and powerful, and with a trusted A/V integrator setting the system up, a company can make the transition from print to a digital solution with little hassle.

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