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Digital Signage Solutions Are Perfect For An Office Or School


Digital signage solutions can have an outsized impact on how a school, business or organization connects internally and with the surrounding community. In most cases digital displays are used to communicate with customers and create an attention-grabbing advertisement for a storefront or lobby area. But this technology can do much more than that, enhancing the way employees communicate with each other and enhancing the way schools connect with their students. And best of all, it’s easy to use technology that is only limited by the user’s creativity.

What signage solutions are appropriate for an office or school?

Many businesses understand the impact that digital displays can have when used to attract customers, but they can also improve internal communications as well. How? Here are some smart uses of the technology in an office setting:

  • A digital display can show off the company’s growth, recognize top performers and keep track of various quotas. When used in this manner, the company can turn something that is normally met with tension (quotas) into an interactive competition of sorts, motivating professionals to work harder.
  • A digital display can act as a news hub for stories pertaining to the company. Perhaps a company manager was interviewed by a prestigious magazine, or maybe an employee just graduated from college. Digital displays can spotlight these human interest stories and bring the team together over its successes.
  • A digital display can be synchronized with the company’s social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram accounts can be tied to the company’s display system and used to show the company and its employees in action or conversation.
  • A digital display can remind team members of upcoming events and important dates. It’s difficult keeping everyone on the same page regarding that team building exercise, but with clever signage solutions, a company can get its team fired up for future events.

Schools have unique needs, and digital displays can help in the following ways:

  • A digital display can keep students informed of daily announcements and test dates. Students have a tendency to tune out PA announcements, but they will respond to digital displays, as they resemble the technology that young students have become familiar with.
  • A digital display can provide a directory for students and visitors. A clear map can be extremely helpful for students trying to get to class on time, especially when they are new to the building. Parents and visitors can also find their way more efficiently.
  • Signage solutions can reinforce school spirit and positive messages. School is stressful for a lot of students, but keeping them connected through the use of encouraging media is easy and effective.

Modern A/V systems are already popular in Europe, and they are gaining a foothold in the U.S. as well. Students respond to the technology well and it can be managed by anyone with just a minimal amount of training. Once installed, digital displays provide a powerful tool to educators and administrators, and help unify students and keep them engaged.

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