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The Advantages Enterprise Digital Signage Can Bring To Schools and Business

Whether the message is sent to a single screen or locations worldwide, enterprise digital signage (EDS) allows the dissemination of active visual communications to the audience of choice. From a central location, communications can be managed while enabling individuals or groups to participate at the level that they choose. Data Projections believes EDS presents a remarkable impact on the way the corporate world does business and the way that institutions of higher learning can offer information to students anywhere.

From the Desktop to Large Screen Displays

Enterprise digital signage is an exciting way to effectively present a message to the world. The implications for a business are significant. From breaking news to personal memorandums, the field is wide open for a variety of implementations. Information can be delivered in an attractive, eye-catching manner that will capture and hold the interest of an intended audience. As a part of a media strategy, corporations can transmit data real-time, via applications for mobile phones, send messages to employee desktop computers, and have pertinent information displayed on large screens in lobbies. Retail stores can present in-store advertising unique to individual departments. It is also a memorable method for displaying logos and brand identity.

Campus Solutions

video wall

College administrators can use enterprise digital signage to publish a variety of content. Content that includes emergency alerts, live data, audio, video, slide presentations, web pages, campus maps, social media feeds, documents, and much more. Digital signs placed around the school can be controlled from a central location. Each department can effortlessly contribute content by displaying it on other department’s signs. This creates an ease of communication and collaboration throughout the college, as well as satellite campuses.

Messages, Alerts and Media

Using digital kiosks and large flat-screen monitors, the dissemination of information becomes an active part of on-campus life, the workplace, and retail outlets, to name a few. The advent of enterprise digital signage has created an environment of flexible communication that can be utilized in a broad assortment of ways.

Information can be displayed such as:

  • Personalized Greetings – Showing visitors information about the company, where offices are located and where to go to check-in.
  • Important announcements – Employees, students, and customers can be informed of pertinent information as it happens.
  • Alert notices – Breaking news, weather alerts, immediate threats, and fire information can be made available as they occur.
  • Advertisements and announcements – Notices about campus activities, bookstore sales, library schedules, coffee house hours, and Student Center information can be shared effortlessly.
  • Community outreach opportunities
  • Guest announcements

A Cinch to Deploy

There are numerous methods to deploy enterprise digital signage, depending on the room and the need. Interactive whiteboards, high-resolution LCD displays, video streaming via webcasts, projection technology, and more are a breeze to use with current software to run the systems. They can all be controlled from tabletop panel systems featuring custom user interfaces, and wireless and web-based technology, making it convenient to operate in a wide array of situations. In short, this state of the art technology offers solutions for the best in active collaborative communications.

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