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An Interactive Wall Can Create A Unique Visual Experience

An interactive wall has incredible potential in creating a unique and memorable visual experience. And it is only limited by the imagination of you and your AV integrator, providing excellent impact as a branding or informing tool. They are even finding their way into art museums and galleries, where they provide an experience unlike any other exhibit. In short, they are a creative way to introduce people to just about anything, and with their flexible technology, they can be placed just about anywhere.

What can an interactive wall do?

interactive video wallThe short answer is, anything that you can think of. Practically, though, they are useful for capturing attention and introducing people to branding messages and capturing customers. In a world where people are inundated with static displays and unresponsive signage, this technology provides a breath of fresh air for consumers, inviting them to play and explore with a brand or any visual concept used.

For example, an interactive wall may be as simple as a rotating set of static images that the user can spin through with a single gesture. Perhaps a clothing store wants to show off a number of looks its products can offer. These displays allow a user to cycle through a number of options at their own pace until they find a look that matches their preferences. It is an extremely easy and effective way to give consumers control over their experience, and this is a known factor in attracting customers. Give the consumer some control over their buying experience, and they are much more likely to consider the brand.

It doesn’t even have to be that direct. A brand can improve its reputation by giving users a memorable experience. With a single gesture, users can paint in digital color, simulate the movement of wind or water, or navigate through another world, a digital playground if you will. A user can change patterns to simulate different environments, or change music or ambient sounds. An interactive wall can therefore be an effective foundation to build viral content off of, or to gather a wealth of consumer data. Sometimes, brands combine the use of brand imagery with different visual tricks to create a lasting picture that stays in the user’s mind. And while the display itself can only be used in person, many brands like to film users’ experiences and show them off online, multiplying their impact further. For companies and organizations, this technology has limitless power in the hands of a smart, creative marketing team.

It isn’t just confined to walls, either, as floors and ceilings can be adapted for use with the technology as well. Imagine walking into the room and leaving digital footprints, or looking up and seeing everyone stepping through a reflected image of the space. The display can also be paired with all kinds of tracking technology, following peoples’ eyes and movements through a space.

An audio and visual integrator can help an organization explore their interactive wall options, no matter how large or small in scale. After all, regardless of its scale, this technology can make a big impact. Data Projections is the AV Integrator that can help turn your dreams and imaginations into reality.