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What Are Electronic Whiteboards?

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Electronic whiteboards as part of a company’s, school’s, or hospital’s presentation arsenal are the next step in the evolution of information dissemination. They provide the tools to take communication and collaboration to the next level. Brainstorming, idea generation, document editing and more can be performed on the fly. No longer is the presenter tied to a projector or laptop. They can control the flow of information from the board, utilizing an array of files, graphic images, videos, and documents.

What Are Electronic Whiteboards?

They are a versatile interactive presentation medium that transforms a computer or projector into a powerful tool for presentations. Control of the information displayed on the board is literally at the fingertips. Merely use a finger on the large touch-sensitive screen to control what the computer displays. This allows employees, teachers, students, and healthcare providers to offer presentations from the board, rather than at the laptop. Smart technology is used in the boards allowing interaction with the pressure of a finger, much like touch screens on tablets.

Who Can Benefit From Their Use?

Industry and education are daily discovering the benefits of the variety of tools that enhance communication, teaching, and collaboration, particularly smart board technology. From staff meetings to campus lectures, smart boards are being embraced as the future of demonstration technology. They find uses anywhere a conventional whiteboard is employed and then some.

Whiteboards are a handy tool for educators to enhance teaching by integrating a broad range of content into each lesson. Teachers have the option to customize the way they reach from a collection of existing content, adapting it in real-time to the students’ needs. The flexibility of the system offers educators teaching possibilities far beyond traditional means.

In business, utilizing electronic whiteboards means an increase in productivity. In a conference or a meeting, clients or other participants are quickly engaged, and as a result the session becomes very productive. The boards allow sharing and collaborative planning. Files are easily created and saved helping everyone stay on the same page and efficiently organized.

Electronic whiteboards have numerous advantages over traditional whiteboards, with significant benefits to meetings, conferences, corporate training, and lectures. Enhanced workflow and communication are two, but here are a few more:

  1. They take meetings to a new level of collaboration. Participants are engaged in the discussion. Files are easily annotated, edited, shared, and saved. Real-time changes can be effected, and audience feedback is available.
  1. Information dissemination is enhanced. Everyone in the boardroom or classroom has access.
  1. Active and persistent changes and annotations to video, hyperlinked pages, and other images, augment the flow of communication.
  1. Mobile connectivity. With proper software and hardware, connectivity to an electronic whiteboard via smartphone or tablet it straightforward and fast, yielding a broad range of data sharing.

For help with the selection of the appropriate electronic whiteboards, firms such as Data Projections offer a wide variety of the most current smart board technology. They will be happy to answer questions, help with implementation and training, as well as provide ongoing service. The future of collaborative presentation is here, now. A company or school can stay stuck in yesterday with dry erasers and markers, or move forward into tomorrow with productivity at the fingertips.

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