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Take Your Whiteboard To The Next Level With The Right Software

Interactive whiteboard software is extremely versatile, but is particularly useful in educational and office settings. It lends added functionality to these devices, giving managers and teachers a varied set of tools to improve training, collaboration and learning. Unsurprisingly, SMARTboards and similar products are becoming an increasingly important part of classrooms and offices, and nearly 70 percent of UK schools have adopted the technology. U.S. schools lag behind in this regard, but early studies suggest higher test scores and student engagement, so it is only a matter of time before U.S. students can take full advantage of the technology as well.

What kind of interactive whiteboard software is available for teachers and managers?

At its core, these devices are interactive displays that connect to a computer and relay anything placed on the desktop. So, even without specialized programs, the device can be used to display any media that can be played on a computer, including photos, illustrations, animations and videos. This alone makes the device a highly useful education tool, as students can be introduced to far off locales during history or geography classes, or showed animations that demonstrate various scientific principles. During meetings, managers and decision makers can review concept drawings and data, using both to make smart decisions regarding ongoing projects.

Once a teacher explores specialized whiteboard software, though, they can greatly improve the device’s potential. For early childhood education, the display can be tied to a program that responds to touch, allowing students to create patterns or artwork with a few simple touches. The system can be used to create matching games that test student memory, and simple arithmetic that students can use to improve their math skills. In English, the display can be used to read along with students and highlight passages for additional analysis.

It is often difficult to get students to answer questions, as fear of being wrong can stifle interaction. However, with the right whiteboard software, students can respond to questions presented on the display anonymously. This can be done in the form of a poll and can track a student’s answers to ensure they are processing the lesson thoroughly. This method of teaching is especially popular in universities, where professors can keep better track of hundreds of students at once.

In the meeting room, these displays can be utilized for excellent brainstorming sessions and to better steer project operations. Again, meeting members can be polled anonymously to ensure everyone has input on projects. Training is much more effective as well, as new employees won’t just have to sit in front of a video, and will have an opportunity to demonstrate learned concepts.

It’s well-known that people respond better when they are engaged in multiple ways, and this technology is unmatched when it comes to interactivity. That makes it an invaluable tool for anyone responsible for managing or teaching.

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