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See Why Your Company Will Flip for Samsung’s Flip


The cost of doing better business has been flipped

Easy to Learn and Easy to Train

It takes minutes to set up, and the Samsung Flip’s tablet-style user experience is intuitive—just tap, scroll and navigate, seamlessly.

Big Screen For Everyone To See

You can wirelessly mirror everything you’re doing on the Flip to another screen in the room. Everyone can have a front-row view.

Designed for Simplicity

The Flip’s portable design makes any space a meeting room. Embedded sensors activate the Flip automatically. Landscape and portrait modes maximize writing space, while brilliant 4K UHD picture quality and Natural InGlass™ interactive touch offer an engaging experience.

Write and Draw

Premium, Multi-Touch Collaboration makes writing smooth and fast, with a pen-and-paper feel. And meeting participants can use virtually any writing tool, such as the blunt end of a pen.

Safe and Secure

Secure meeting notes and keep them confidential by locking the display or specific note with a unique PIN. You can even set the Flip to automatically delete files after a specified period of time. Additionally, the Flip supports Enterprise WPA2 for secure wireless connectivity.

Document Viewer

Open popular applications and PDFs  directly on the Flip and annotate on them.

User Corner

From the second I saw the Samsung Flip, I knew it was something my business needed on two fronts. I run an agency that often has sketches for planning and drawings of schematics. There are many days that the staff is huddled around my tablet as I explain how I want something laid out or how I want things assembled. This has removed that. My teams are more efficient, and best of all, I can send them the copy of the plan we mapped out.

Additionally, I teach adults as part of the University of Houston and the Small Business Administration and often have to sketch out plans for my students or demonstrate how important mapping out a business can be. I fight with the easel. I fight with the markers. And inevitably I have to paste pages to the wall so students understand.

I never have had an interest in an interactive flat panel because they are intimidating to those of us who are untrained on them. They are complicated and I could see myself easily going back to an easel if confronted with one.

From the second I saw the Samsung Flip, I was able to use it with zero learning curve. My students love it as much as my employees. Samsung has found a void in the market place and I for one have flipped over the Flip.

Instructor Bauer College of Business

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*Limited quantities available. Valid through November 16th, 2018.