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Crestron One

What is the Crestron One?

The Crestron One is a mobile application that users can access to control any Crestron devices available in a conference space. Whether you’re gathering for a quick impromptu meeting in a huddle space, or delivering a critical report to company leadership, the Crestron One is a reliable way to make technology part of the presentation.

With the Crestron One, users can easily and rapidly connect to a room’s controls, including lighting, audio, conferencing equipment, interactive displays – the list goes on. This can be done from the user’s own device, without the need to touch anything in the room itself.

How do users connect and interface with the Crestron One?

Connecting to the room’s control via the Crestron One is designed to be as easy as possible. Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. Connect through the app – All a user has to do to start connecting is access the Crestron One app and walk into a room with technology configured for the app. Through the app, users can see which rooms are enabled for connection, so there’s no guesswork as to which room you’re connecting to. Just select the room you’re in, and Crestron One does the rest.
    Specifically, Crestron One establishes a peer-to-peer connection over Bluetooth. There’s no need for any special network configuration and users don’t have to configure anything on their device. The connection is made automatically.
  2. Authenticate the connection – Once the user is connected to the smart room, they will be able to locate the touchscreen through their app. When the user selects the touchscreen, the screen will display a challenge code and a QR code. The user can either input the four-digit challenge code in their device or scan the QR code to complete the connection and hand over control to the user.
  3. Access the room’s controls – With the connection now established, mobile-optimized controls are pushed over to the user through the Crestron One app. Any action that has been enabled for the app can be done from the user’s device, which includes accessing certain room functions, like lighting brightness, or technology controls, such as tapping the touchscreen.

The user has control of the space until they disconnect from the room or until they leave Bluetooth range.

Why are businesses and organizations relying on the Crestron One for room control?

Crestron has been a major name in conferencing technology for many years, and its solutions can be found in businesses of all sizes and in nearly any industry. Even with its impressive product lineup, though, there was a need for an app like the Crestron One to help better control those solutions. Here’s why professional organizations are embracing the app:

BYOD Friendly

The modern workplace is quickly moving to a bring your own device, or BYOD, format. There are numerous reasons why BYOD will soon be the standard, and Crestron One makes it easier for organizations to fully leverage the BYOD approach. If your organization can make the switch to BYOD, it will reduce technology costs, improve employee efficiency (no learning curve with a new, work-only device) and make it easier for teams to keep up with work-related tasks, as they are done on the employee’s personal device.

BYOD is the future, and with Crestron One, professionals can make the most of their organizations’ Crestron conferencing solutions.

Clean and Safe

The coronavirus pandemic has emphasized the need for sanitary work conditions, to prevent the spread of disease. Wireless presentation systems have become a popular technological solution to this problem, as there are no shared surfaces that users have to touch. Everything is done from their own device, which reduces the likelihood of coming in contact with contaminated surfaces.


No matter how convenient a technology purports to be, if it’s not easy for everyone to use, it will eventually be pushed to the side. The Crestron One is designed for maximum simplicity, so it can be easily integrated into any workflow. Because the connection is established over Bluetooth, users do not have to connect to the company network to access room controls. They don’t have to run down IT for a network passkey or worry about creating a secure connection. Minimal effort and knowledge is needed to get going.

Optimizing Controls

Through the Crestron One app, users have access to room and device controls that are optimized for mobile, with simple sliders and toggles that anyone can use right away.

What features are planned for the future?

Crestron One was launched in the middle of 2020, and though it’s ready now for wireless presentation use, Crestron is planning several updates for the near future. Some of those updates will bring additional, impressive features to the app, such as:

  • Room booking – During the first quarter of 2021, Crestron is planning to add room booking functionality to the Crestron One app. With room booking, users can reserve a conference space in advance and schedule meetings so that come meeting time, there’s always a room available.
  • Additional device support – During the first quarter of 2021 and through the second quarter of the year, Crestron is planning to roll out support for Android smartphones and tablets, as well as an app for Windows devices. Crestron is also expecting to launch a beta for API/SDK and web browser use during the first quarter and complete the beta during the second quarter.
  • Wayfinding – During the second quarter of the year, Crestron will add wayfinding functionality to Crestron One. With wayfinding, users can select a room in advance and then receive directions to the room, so they arrive to the right conference space at just the right time.
  • AirMedia Canvas compatibility – Crestron’s AirMedia Canvas allows users to output two sources to a single display at once, arrange their layout and adjust their aspect ratios as needed. During the second quarter of 2021, Crestron will enable AirMedia Canvas control through the Crestron One, giving users even more flexibility in managing their wireless presentations.

Crestron One offers the convenience, efficiency and safety that professionals want from their conferencing technology. All users have to do is walk in the room, take a couple moments to connect to the system and start presenting right away. With additional features on the near horizon, too, Crestron One is a major focus of ongoing support, so as powerful as it is now, Crestron is only getting started with it.