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Crowd Mics

As seminars, events and businesses begin to navigate in a new normal, the need to reduce shared equipment has many considering the need for crowd mics in an effort to keep people safe and remain socially distanced. Biamp’s crowd mics offer a solution that allows people to participate in a safe and effective manner.

Companies who are operating onsite and in a hybrid environment need to ensure that their employees and those they are communicating with can both speak and be heard, despite the hindrances of face masks and social distancing.

What Are Crowd Mics?

Crowd Mics is an interface system that enables individuals attending an in person or hybrid gathering to do so on a more personal level without losing control of the event.

This is essentially done by turning smartphones into an instrument that can be used as a microphone, a polling device, and a conversational tool via a public address system. For those individuals who shy away from communicating with a whole group at once, Crowd Mics allows them to reach out to key personnel such as presenters or moderators via text.

The Crowd Mics app and web page allows moderators the following conveniences:

  • Alerts when an event participant wishes to contribute
  • The ability to choose the person who will speak next
  • The capacity to mute mics as needed
  • Creation of polls to enhance group participation

How Crowd Mics Works and Why It Is An Ideal COVID Solution

Biamp’s Crowd Mics technology works with the help of a central hub that connects a space’s audiovisual system to event participants via AV and network connections. The system is designed to handle up to one thousand event attendees.

This wireless technology allows moderators and event participants to connect in conversation without passing around a microphone, which eliminates the need to use a commonly touched surface that could be contaminated with contagious germs.

Once the central hub, also known as The ATOM, is set up and functional, event attendees simply following a basic three-step process to get connected:

  1. Download the free app
  2. Connect to the event’s Wi-Fi
  3. Join the event via the app

Benefits of Using Crowd Mics

Businesses who utilize Biamp’s Crowd Mics technology are discovering that the benefits go far beyond those listed above. In addition to allowing event participants to speak one at a time and be clearly heard, other benefits can include:

  • Event attendees may conveniently use their smartphone as a wireless microphone that connects them to the site’s public address system.
  • Event attendees who wish not to have their voice aired over the public address system can take advantage of texting in their thoughts and comments.
  • Moderators have more control over the flow of conversation during an event.
  • Poll introductions can both engage the audience and help event moderators to more accurately gauge participation by attendees.
  • It is user friendly for meeting attendees and moderators, as well as those attending remotely.
  • It allows event coordinators to integrate the use of smartphones into the meeting as a communication and learning tool, rather than forbidding them and making them taboo.

Where to Find Biamp’s Crowd Mics

Companies wishing to incorporate Biamp’s Crowd Mics technology solution into their own business should work with a reputable AV integrator.

In addition to services such as audio/video conferencing, video streaming, projectors, screens, displays, videowalls, and interactive whiteboards, your audiovisual integrator should also be able to offer other in-person, virtual, and hybrid friendly business solutions such as:


A technology accessory that provides ideal lighting for video broadcasting, conferencing, or streaming.

Mersive’s Solstice Line

This program offers a number of conferencing solutions designed to be user friendly and convenient.

Teleportivity Video Concierge

This audiovisual solution enables better person to person communication while still observing social distancing.


These products assist with wireless presentation solutions.

Coronavirus has greatly changed the way most companies do business today, but losing the ability to clearly communicate with others doesn’t have to be a casualty. Consider utilizing Biamp’s Crowd Mics to let moderators and event attendees contribute in an effortless flow of conversation.