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What Audio Visual Technologies Should A Courtroom Have?

A/V technologies and solutions for the courtroom

The courtroom has changed very little over time, and many still operate with technology designed decades ago. These courtrooms are compromising cost and security by relying on this obsolete technology, and some aren’t even ADA compliant. This is changing quickly, though, and courtrooms are modernizing at rapid rates. There are several reasons for this shift, but cost is likely the greatest reason. Continue reading “What Audio Visual Technologies Should A Courtroom Have?”

ADA Considerations When Designing AV Systems

A/V Compliance in an ADA world

In 1990, the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, was signed into law, and since then, integrators have made numerous ADA considerations when designing A/V systems for their clients. The ADA serves an important purpose in ensuring that everyone can take full advantage of all installed A/V technology. Continue reading “ADA Considerations When Designing AV Systems”

Why Should You Have A Service Agreement After Your Installation?

A/V installation is only the beginning


Hours have been poured into planning and days spent on installation, so now that the new A/V system is in place, why not protect that investment? A service agreement through a reputable integrator is what will keep that technology running and optimized. Even the most intelligently planned and installed A/V system will eventually experience some form of failure. While it may happen when nothing critical is going on, it may also happen the day before the CEO is set to make an address to the entire company. Not a good look. Continue reading “Why Should You Have A Service Agreement After Your Installation?”

Cutting Corners With Technology Could Cost Businesses More In The End

Businesses often succeed or fail on their ability to make smart budgetary decisions, so every investment is one that merits real concern. It is only natural that some companies would seek to cut corners when considering technology. This may be an understandable mistake, but it is a mistake none the less. Enterprise technology iterates so quickly that going cheap is a surefire way to stay behind. Continue reading “Cutting Corners With Technology Could Cost Businesses More In The End”

Edge Blending With Projectors

For some applications, a single projector just may not cut it. It’s axiomatic that people prefer larger, more dramatically shaped images. Going strongly horizontal or vertical is a simple way to execute an impactful look, but it does take a little fine tuning to get it right. Fortunately, modern projectors are designed to facilitate edge blending modes, so a little fine tuning is all it takes. And edge blending is typically only needed when the image is displayed on a surface that can be best described as environmentally neutral. Continue reading “Edge Blending With Projectors”

How To Select An Effective Video Conferencing Camera For A Business?

There are many considerations when looking to upgrade a video conferencing camera. All aspects of the collaboration room must be taken into account so the camera can effectively do its job. The brightness of the room, the clarity of picture and sound, and the quality of face-to-face interactions are details that must be considered when it comes to the effectiveness and productivity of the video conference. Continue reading “How To Select An Effective Video Conferencing Camera For A Business?”

Audio Visual Design Is More Than Equipment

Proper audio and visual design takes a solutions-oriented approach, not a sales-oriented one. These projects take creativity and dedication, so an organization needs an expert on their side that they can trust. Data Projections works hard to earn this trust, and guarantees to support every project throughout its functional life. So, no matter how complex and technical an AV installation is, an organization will never have to worry about whether or not they can handle it, as they will always have a knowledgeable expert on their side. Continue reading “Audio Visual Design Is More Than Equipment”