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Clevertouch OTA Updates


How do Clevertouch OTA updates benefit the user?

Clevertouch OTA updates allow educational and commercial institutions to easily keep their network protected, updated and running as efficiently as possible. A world without over-the-air, or OTA, updates would be much slower. Think of how difficult it would be if wireless updates weren’t possible. What if a phone had to be wired into the manufacturer’s network every time a firmware update was required? Continue reading “Clevertouch OTA Updates”

Do I Really Need A 24/7 Display?

Video Wall Display

Many business owners wonder if they really need a 24/7 display, or if they can get away with using that TV they found on sale instead. While some televisions can be used for digital signage, there are long-term issues with this option. The problem is that a consumer television used for this purpose is going to provide an inferior display, inferior reliability and inferior controllability. Continue reading “Do I Really Need A 24/7 Display?”

What Are Some Of The Leading Video Wall Solutions And Manufacturers?

video wall controler

What are some of the most trusted names in video wall solutions?

Video walls, perhaps more than any other A/V solution, can do some amazing things. They are the ideal solution when maximum visual impact is needed, so they are frequently used to capture attention. There is also a novelty factor involved, as people don’t encounter video walls in their day to day lives, for the most part. Continue reading “What Are Some Of The Leading Video Wall Solutions And Manufacturers?”

5 Ways Clevertouch Is Changing How Schools Approach Libraries

How can the Clevertouch transform school libraries?

The rapid technological transition that schools are going through hasn’t been without its tradeoffs. School libraries have keenly felt the effects of tech-fluent students, who have most of the information they need available through their own device, or a device in the classroom. But there is untapped potential here. Continue reading “5 Ways Clevertouch Is Changing How Schools Approach Libraries”

The Benefits Of Using Interactive Displays

Interactive displays have already made a noticeable impact in the classroom, and that impact will only deepen as display technology is improved upon. But interactive displays were first introduced as a novel approach to retail and marketing, and they remain a powerful tool for businesses of any size. The real power in interactive displays is their incredible versatility. They are limited only by the user’s creativity, and with the right approach, they can leave customers with a memorable experience. In the classroom, interactive displays are an instant draw for students and a relief for teachers, as they make lectures easy to manage and more interesting to sit through. Continue reading “The Benefits Of Using Interactive Displays”

What Are Some Of The Fundamental Uses For Interactive Displays And Who Benefits From Them?

Current interactive displays have changed the way that information is circulated in business, retail, the medical field, and education. These devices are taking the disbursement of knowledge and the ability to communicate ideas to another level. Screen technology should be a reflection of the way that humans already interact, in a fluid, intuitive, non-geographically limited way. Continue reading “What Are Some Of The Fundamental Uses For Interactive Displays And Who Benefits From Them?”