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Audio & Video Integration Can Help Improve Communications

Audio video integration can help many organizations improve communications and presentations while supporting organizational goals. An AV integrator can help provide solutions that help address several needs; here are five specific needs.

The organization has multiple locations and there is a need to hold meetings between these locations.

Video Conference RoomThe global marketplace has meant a dispersed workforce; more and more companies have multiple locations around the world. A professional AV integrator makes it easy to connect the office in Austin with offices in New York, Hong Kong, and Paris. Each participant in the teleconference call is there in HD crystal clarity. Real-time video streaming with impeccable sound clarity keeps everyone in touch without lagging, bandwidth issues, or technical difficulties. It is the next best thing to putting everyone in the same room, and is often better because it is so cost-effective. In the past, executives may have had to fly from each of these offices to attend a single meeting, for example, requiring large expenditures in terms of airfare, meal expenditures, gas, and hotel bills.  Utilizing professionally designed audio video collaboration system(s), organizations not only save on travel expenses, but decrease time to make critical decisions and improve overall quality of life for the business traveler (more time at home vs. on the road!).

Through increased communications and collaboration, professionally designed and integrated AV systems tend to pay for themselves in any company where such travel has been a regular occurrence.

  • The organization is highly collaborative and requires smart tools to make the most of brainstorming and shared design systems.

Audio video integration systems have been used to create smart “huddle rooms,” small, intimate collaborative chambers with interactive white boards (or interactive flat panel displays), projection screens, or large, wall-mounted displays, and intuitive control systems which create a digital environment where participants can work with shared ideas.

These rooms are also equipped with audio and/or video conferencing capabilities, so participants may brainstorm with off-site contractors or collaborators who cannot physically make it into the office.

  • There is a desire to connect with and hire the best candidates from around the world.

Larger organizations often cannot afford to restrict recruiting efforts to the local talent pool. So it may be necessary to reach out to candidates from all over the world. Audio video integration helps to preserve body language, facial expressions and other nuances that might be lost with a mere “video chat session” on a laptop computer. This means the interview is seamless. There is no need to pay travel expenses for someone who might not pan out, and the candidate is typically more comfortable and natural in his or her own familiar environment. This gives interviewers the chance to see more of the “real candidate.”

  • The company wishes to launch a work-from-home initiative.

The right audio video integration solution could, in fact, eliminate the need for an office altogether. Small, smart, savvy companies who wish to rid themselves of overhead can equip each member of the team with high-quality web cameras, microphones and conferencing tools. Reaching out to a team member becomes even more effortless than walking down the hall to a physical office, without sacrificing team camaraderie.

  • There is a need for a more efficient training or classroom environment, or the organization has a need to hold many presentations.

AV integration allows for the creation of seamless webinars and seminars. It also allows classrooms to be equipped with better sound systems, allowing students at the back of the room to hear material as clearly as the students at the front of the room. Add a series of wide-screen wall mounted projector screens and they’ll be able to see teachers and professors just as clearly as well.

Does your organization need audio video integration?

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