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Finding The Best Video Conferencing Solution For Your Business

Although there is no single best video conferencing solution, there are certain features that should come standard with every system. Companies rely on their A/V integrator partners to configure a system to their particular needs, and a reputable, experienced integrator is fully capable of doing this. With an optimal setup, a company can quickly organize meetings with partners and teams around the globe, execute a meeting with ease and ensure that every participant is engaged and able to contribute to the meeting.

What does the best video conferencing solution look like for most companies?

Collaboration solutions are an important, and perhaps the most important, component of modern A/V solutions. Ideally, A/V communications bring people together, and nothing accomplishes that as well as conferencing technology. But what should a company look for in their collaboration technology? These should be what A/V integrators prioritize when piecing a system together:

  1. Components that work together to create a powerful experience – It goes without saying that an integrator should consider every part of the collaboration experience, but all too often, important considerations slip through the cracks. Every part of the communication experience, including sight, sound and comfort, should be prioritized. For example, to ensure communication is clear and relies on standard cues (like body language), high quality displays, and the software that can take advantage of them, guarantee clear pictures and high framerates. Audio inputs like microphones have to be positioned to only pick up audio from participants, and to do so clearly. Speakers should be positioned so that volume is comfortable throughout the room. These are all elements of strong system design, and it takes an experienced A/V integrator to select and install the right components in the right spots.
  2. A system that is easy to use – Perhaps the single most standout trait of industry best video conferencing solutions is their ease of use. Technology is always limited by its intuitiveness, and it won’t matter how clear that picture is or how crisp that audio is if no one can use the thing. That’s why top A/V integrators adopt products from top vendors – vendors who make user interfaces and important usability features a priority. Touch interfaces, for example, are now the standard for many A/V solutions, as they dovetail nicely with other popular forms of technology, like tablets and smartphones.
  3. A system that is supported over the long run – User friendliness and effectiveness are what define an A/V solution, but what defines an A/V integrator is their willingness to act as a partner for the company. Collaboration technology needs regular support to ensure it functions at a high level, and the A/V industry is constantly improving its methods. A reputable integrator can provide the support and insight that a company needs to make continued, effective decisions regarding it’s A/V technology.

The best video conferencing solution is one that makes a simple conversation just that – simple, even when it involves people who are thousands of miles apart.